First Family trip to Discovery Park

When we were looking at houses in Magnolia everyone told us we had to go to Discovery Park. We decided to check it out and I fell in love!

Since moving here we have driven around several times. Today we actually got out and walked around. It was a pretty sunny day, but it was windy and colder than it has been the past few days. The kids didn’t like the cold at ¬†first but they started running around and having a great time!

This place makes me happy. I told Chris he needs to bring me here if I’m ever in a bad mood! I love the water, the mountain views, the rough beach and shoreline. It’s perfect!

I don’t know too much about Discovery Park other than its a huge park (500+ acres I think). There are several miles of hiking trails. And there is small lighthouse and a rocky beach.

Today we just went to the lighthouse and the beach, but in the future I know we’ll walk on many of the trails! The best part about this place is it’s only 2.5 miles from our house. (A 10 minute drive!)

I’m not used to being cold on the beach



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