Our new House

We have been in our new home for over a week now. Thanks to my parents we were able to go through all our boxes and unload everything.  For the first time in several months I have access to all my stuff! It feels good to be settled.

This house is quite a bit different than our last house. This is my first time having an upstairs in our house. All the bedrooms are upstairs and two bathrooms are up here. Its kind of a pain, but the kids like it. Lilly was afraid of the stairs at first and she had to have someone hold her hand every time she went up or down. Shes starting to get more confident. She did slip on the bottom two stairs twice the other day, but she still seems confident in going up or down.

Since it rains a lot in Seattle we decided to have a no shoes rule in our house. I got us all slippers that we can wear around so our feet don’t get cold.

The house is a three bedroom house, but we decided to turn one of the rooms into an office. (It was obviously built to be one.) The kids now share a room. I was pretty nervous about how it would be with them together, but it seems to be going ok! most all their stuff fits in with them too. We do have a few toys in the office for them to play with. It is really nice having an office space and having extra storage for our books, and back packing gear.

Overall I think we really like the house!

This is our front room, TV room, Family room, whatever you want to call it!


Chris reading to the kids in the room the kids share


The garage


Half bathroom, the only bathroom downstairs


Our kitchen


View from the stairs, the family room and dining room


The kids’ room


Chris setting up the office. The french doors go out onto a balcony with views of the sound.


Kid’s bathroom.


Master bathroom, its the biggest bathroom I’ve ever had.


Master bedroom. Has french doors leading out to shared balcony (shared with the office).


views from our balcony


views from the balcony





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