Family Pictures

Before we left AZ I knew I wanted to get family pictures done in the desert! We have a family friend that takes great pictures so I contacted her and had her do them! The day before we left we were starting to have major car troubles with our van, I wasn’t sure if we would even make our picture appointment, but luckily we had a family friend’s jeep at our house that we were able to take. Before we left our house the kids were playing in the jeep, because why not? Ryan accidentally flipped a switch that turned on lights on top of the jeep. Since it was light out we had no idea these lights were on. We were getting our pictures taken for a few hours and when we got back to the jeep, the battery was dead. Our photographer didn’t have jumper cables in her car (but her husband offered to come out and help us, but we declined.) We didn’t have jumper cables in the jeep either (we do in the van). We told our photographer she could leave (she offered to wait with us as well.) And we called our insurance to send out someone to jump us. We were in the middle of nowhere so it was going to take awhile. A total of an hour of waiting, a guy stopped and jumped our car for us. (The tow truck was still about an hour away.) And we were on our way. Made a stressful day even more stressful, but we were able to laugh (and teach Ryan not to push buttons in cars!) ¬†And we love our pictures so it was worth it! Thanks¬†Shelby!

















































































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