We Survived our first Week

We survived our first week. Although, technically it was our second week, but our first week of real life.

Sunday was our first Sunday at church. Everyone seemed really nice and the kids liked their classes. Lilly and Ryan both went to class fairly well. We talked to a lot of people and it seemed like there were a lot of young families in the ward.

Chris started work with Zillow on Monday February 22, 2016. He has been riding the bus to work, which is really nice. Its on our street one house down from ours. In fact the kids watched Chris get on the bus from their bedroom window. They thought that was pretty awesome! Chris had a good first day. He met his team and saw around the office. He found out he gets free frozen yogurt, all the drinks you can think of, free yogurt, fruit, cereal, granola bars, etc. In fact he hasn’t eaten breakfast at home at all.

So far he likes it a lot. He seems to like his team. He is having to learn how to use a mac, and learn a new programming language. He thinks after a month he should have everything figured out. He is coming home from work excited though, which makes me happy!

The kids also started Preschool! Ryan started February 22, 2016 as well. Since we are part of a Coop. I get to go one day a week to each of their classes.Monday happened to be my assigned day, so I started February 22 as well! They have a day care there as well. So Lilly started day care that day. We decided that we would walk to preschool since its about half a mile away. The biggest issue with this, is that we live at the top of a hill and preschool is half way up a different hill. Its quite the walk and I didn’t think Ryan would be able to do it. I was wrong and he has walked both ways by himself every day so far.

On our first day we wanted to leave a little early so we could turn in paper work and figure out where our classes were and have time to drop off Lilly. I also wasn’t sure how quickly we could walk there, but we made great time. We found Ryan’s class, turned in our paper work and had to leave Lilly. She was not happy to be left alone. She wanted me to watch her play. Its hard leaving them screaming, but I knew she would have fun in a few minutes.

Ryan went to his class and his classmates were starting to come in. He seemed to jump right in and find fun things to play with. The other class moms came too and it was nice to meet other grown ups. The other moms are really nice! Being in the coop is a great way for me to get out and meet other people!

Class was great. Ryan loved it and Lilly even had a great time! She said she was happy, and she wouldn’t cry next time! (She lied.)

Ryan goes to preschool Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Ryan loves his class, his teachers, and his classmates. He asks every day if he can go to preschool!

On Thursday (February 25) it was time for Lilly’s class. She and Ryan have the same teacher so Lilly has been saying hi to her all week. (Which was really great!) Even though she knew her teacher she was really nervous about us leaving. She really wanted me to stay and watch her play. She was somewhat distracted by play dough so we snuck off. When we picked her up everyone said she did really well and seemed to have a good time!

On Friday it was my day to be in her classroom. We had to drop Ryan off at the daycare and Lilly had a melt down assuming she was going to be dropped off. Ryan went happily and finally Lilly calmed down a bit. I then took her to her class and she had a melt down thinking I was going to leave her. Finally she understood I was going to stay and watch her and she was fine. She seemed to really like class as long as I was pretty close to her. But I think she will get the hang of it!

Friday afternoon I went visiting teaching. Ryan and Lil came with me and made some new friends. Lilly was super clingy to me the whole time and would only play with the toys that were right next to me.

Later that night we also went and had dinner at someone in the ward’s house. They have two young kids as well. We had a really good time getting to know more people!

Sunday Lilly would not go to nursery. I finally told her she could stay and play or go take a nap. She decided on the nap. She came to Sunday school with us and crashed. She normally goes to nursery fine. I think its just all the changes and me leaving her three times that week. I definitely didn’t want to push it, or her too much so I didn’t fight her on it. I am hoping that the more she goes the more comfortable with it she will get. Its hard leaving her in tears, but I know its good for her.

Over all we are loving it so far and adjusting well. It was nice that we have been so busy right at first. Its also great that we are getting to meet more people right away as well!


Ryan LOVES reading Boxcar Children, one of my favorite books!


Lilly didn’t last long at church.


Love the blossoms on the trees!



Ryan’s first day of Preschool in Seattle!


We walk to preschool and we have to walk down a huge hill. Kids do great!





Lillian’s first day ever of Preschool!




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