New Park

Yesterday Chris got home from work a bit earlier than usual, and it was sunny and nice out. We decided that we would go to the park. We have a park that is super close to us, with views of the city. There is a lot of space for the kids to run around and jump in the puddles. The downside to that park is that the play ground equipment is for big kids. Like really big kids. Its kind of scary to watch the kids play on it and there isn’t much for Lilly to do. We decided to try a different park. This one is down the hill from us. The really big hill that we go down to get to preschool every day. We decided to walk there. (I knew if we biked I would end up pushing my bike up the whole way, and that didn’t sound fun to me. I think Chris was bummed we didn’t bike.) Ryan still wanted to ride his bike there so we let him. Chris helped him a little going down. The hill really is steep! And we ended up carrying it back up. Again its a super steep hill!

The park was great. Its part of the community center here that we haven’t been to yet. There are tennis courts and fields. The play ground equipment is perfect for both kids! There are a lot of swings, and slides, and things to climb on. There is even a sand box! It was such a pretty day to get out and go! The trees were blossoming and it was beautiful! Walking there and back was a lot of fun with both kids. I’m glad Chris had the idea to go!








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