Beth comes to Seattle

Snoqualmie Falls- 1.4 miles out and back, 250 feet elevation gain

Pass-none     Difficulty 1/5     Rating-3.5/5

Beth is my youngest sibling. She is 10 years younger than me and she is one of my very best friends! I was so excited to hear she wanted to come visit us over her spring break! I missed my sister! I was also so excited to show off our new city! I wanted to make sure Beth had a great time!

She landed on Saturday fairly in the morning so we had all day Saturday to play around. We decided to go downtown while it was sunny out. We stopped for sandwiches at Alaskan Sourdough Bakery. We then went to ride the Ferris Wheel. Its expensive to ride that so it may be the last time we ride it as well! Ryan has been wanting to ride it since we moved here. We would tell him we needed to wait for it to be sunny out, so every time it was sunny he would ask to ride it. He was so excited to finally be able to ride it! The views were good and it was fun to do it.

It was fun to show Beth our new house and our new neighborhood! Later that night she babysat for Chris and I while we went out for our anniversary!

The next day was Sunday and we were having major wind storms. The weather was awful so we weren’t able to do anything except church.

Monday Beth got to babysit Lillian while I was in Ryan’s preschool class. Beth got Lilly dressed and did her hair. It was SO nice having an extra set of hands! That afternoon was still cold and rainy out, but we really wanted to do something fun. We decided to drive to the temple and walk around. The drive was an adventure since I had only passed by it on the freeway while Chris was driving. This was my first time driving outside of Magnolia or Ballard. We only missed one turn and added about 5 minutes to our drive time. We were out at the temple grounds long enough to take a few pictures. We were all freezing. (The kids managed to have fun still!) That night we ate Teriyaki for dinner.

Tuesday was the first really nice day we had so we rode the bus downtown and went to the aquarium and to The Market. It was fun to take Beth on the bus and see the city that way. The aquarium was a lot of fun. I think Beth could have spent more time there, but the kids see what they want to see and then they are done! Walking around the market was a lot of fun. The kids were getting tired so we bribed them with cookies. We also stopped at a Russian bakery that was super good and fairly cheap! It was fun to walk around and eat good food! Later that night we went and got Fish and Chips for dinner at Little Chinook’s.

Wednesday was also supposed to be a good day so we decided on going on a little road trip to Snoqualmie Falls. The kids and I had been before so we were excited to show Beth how cool the fall was. When we went before we only stayed at the top of the falls. We decided we wanted to take the small hike down to the bottom of the falls. The hike was about 1/2 a mile down and the kids did great! It was SO pretty and I am glad we decided to go all the way down. It was fun to show off the beauty of the Northwest! We will go back there with Chris for sure!

Thursday we decided to ride the bus downtown again. This was the best day we had! In fact we couldn’t have asked for a better day. We could actually see all the mountains! Since it was such a good day we decided to go to the Space Needle! We bought our tickets, but still had time before we were able to go up so we walked around for a bit. We found a food court with a bunch of fun shops. We got hot cocoa at Starbucks. Then we got fudge and cotton candy! On our way back to the Space Needle an old magician stopped us and did some magic for the kids and made a few balloon animals for us. Then we were finally able to go up in the Space Needle. The views were great! It was a lot of fun to see the city from that perspective! After that we walked to a Target and bought Lilly new pants (she peed through hers) then we met Chris at his work and went up to the 17 floor to walk around the gardens up there. Again the views were amazing! After that we decided to go to the International District and eat Chinese food. The food was interesting, but good! It was very authentic. We will go back there for sure!

Friday was Beth’s last day. She babysat Ryan while I was in Lillian’s preschool class. After preschool we took the bus downtown. Ate at the Alaskan Sourdough Bakery again and caught the ferry to Bainbridge Island. In Bainbridge Island we went to get ice cream, then walked back to the ferry terminal and went home. For dinner that night we went to Paxti’s For deep dish pizza. It was a cool restaurant that everyone loved. They gave the kids pizza dough to play which the kids loved!

Early Saturday morning I took Beth back to the air port and she flew home! It was a perfect week with Beth and I miss her already! I can’t wait for her to come back!





















































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