I love Tulips. They are my favorite flowers! They are so bright and cheery, I just love them! When we were thinking about moving to the Northwest, I did a little research on stuff to do around here. I came across the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival that is in April. I was SO excited about it! I knew that if we moved to Seattle, we would have to go to it!

In our neighborhood I have seen tulips start blossoming and I knew it was getting close for the tulip fields to bloom. I talked to a friend of mine who went the weekend before us and said the tulips were starting to bloom and there were a ton of daffodils out. She said she heard that in April the traffic and crowds are crazy. Since we had a sunny Saturday we thought this would probably be our best chance at seeing the tulips so we went!

We decided to go to town called Roozengaarde¬†to look at the tulips. We were able to park for free which was nice. There was no traffic, and the crowds weren’t too bad. It cost us $5 per person to get in, but our kids were free so it wasn’t bad. We were able to walk around the fields and see so many tulips! I had read before that it would be muddy, so we brought our boots. I’m glad we did because it was very muddy. The kids loved being able to jump in the puddles and walk through the mud. Lilly didn’t like that her boots go muddy though. We even were able to see a few Bald Eagles flying over the fields which was pretty neat!

Before the fields they have a garden area and they had so many different types of tulips there. Before going I just thought there was only one type of tulip that came in different colors. My favorite was probably the double price tulip! It is so  pretty. Everything about it was so pretty!

After we walked around the tulips for awhile we all got hungry and we went to a small Italian/Pizza place near there. I don’t remember what it was called, but we all liked it.

It was a great day and I am so glad we went!





















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