Two Months

We left Chandler AZ for Seattle on February 10, 2016. We made the drive in two days getting us to Seattle On February 11. We stayed at a hotel our first night since none of our stuff had arrived yet. Our stuff, along with my parents got here on February 12. We unloaded everything that day. On the 13th we unloaded boxes. On the 14th, we did some sight seeing with my parents and that afternoon they left. It was really hard saying goodbye to everyone and leaving our home.

Two months ago today we said our final goodbyes to family. Two months ago is the day that we officially started living in Seattle. I miss Arizona, especially our families, but Seattle has turned into a good home! We are busy and we are happy!

I was nervous for Chris to start work. A new place, learning new things, meeting new people. It has been a lot of work for him. He leaves early and he gets home a little later. He is starting to feel more comfortable with the work he is doing so that will get better and better. He is being challenged at work, which he likes. He comes home excited about his projects. It still is weird for me that he works downtown. Huge sky scrapers, buses, traffic, its crazy to me! He texted me yesterday during work and said that this was a good choice for him and Zillow is going to be great for him!

I was nervous about the new preschool and Lilly starting preschool. Ryan loves it. He didn’t miss a beat. Hes made some really great friends and its fun to watch him play. He loves Teacher Dianna and the other adults that work in the classroom. Lilly wasn’t so sure about preschool at first, but now she loves it! She wants to go every day now and cries when it isn’t her turn. She also has Teacher Dianna whom she loves as well. I was nervous about being in their class 2 days a week, but the moms I work with are great! They love the kids in the classroom and they are very nice to me!

I was nervous about the house we were moving into. Even if it isn’t quite as big as our house in Chandler, and the yard is a lot smaller we love it! It is comfortable, and nice. The kid’s share a room, but it seems to be working out great so far. They play well together! We also have two parks really close to our house so we haven’t even missed our big yard much!

I was nervous about the garbage here. They compost, recycle, and have garbage. I was stressed trying to figure out what went where. I was nervous that we would have WAY too much garbage. I think I have it all figure out now. Its almost kind of fun! When we moved in we had the smallest garbage possible. I thought we would need to upgrade it ASAP. Surprisingly we still have the smallest garbage and it has worked out fine! (The small black garbage container is our weekly dumpster. The green one is compost. Both of those get picked up weekly. The blue recycle gets picked up every other week.)

I was nervous about being homesick, or the kids wanting to go back to Chandler. Luckily we are able to talk to our families often. We have the luxury of texting, sending pictures via text or Instagram. I am blogging for our families back home, we video call, and we’ve had visitors. For being so far away, we feel a lot closer! We still miss everyone, and it isn’t the same, but it sure makes it easier!

I was nervous about going to a new ward. The people here have been great! We’ve had people over, gone to people’s houses, had play dates at the park. The people are great. (In the community as well.)

It was so fun having visitors come stay with us! My sister Beth, and Chris’ grandparents. It was so fun showing them around the city and the beauty of the Northwest! We love having visitors!

I can drive to the grocery store without a GPS as well! Seattle is a little confusing to drive around, but we are getting there! Hopefully in the next few months I can rely more on myself and less on my GPS, but until then I am glad I have a GPS! I don’t know if I would ever leave the house if I didn’t have it!

So far I think its safe to say we are loving Seattle. Every weekend we go on a new adventure. The change in weather is so refreshing. I look out my window every day and I can’t believe I live here. The trees are blooming, flowers are blooming and there are SO many colors! We can be driving down the road and we see a Bald Eagle! There is so much to do here and we can enjoy it year round! We have loved our first two months and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!
























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