A Quiet Weekend

This past week was Spring Break. Since I was recovering from being sick, and the kids had small colds we didn’t do anything. I guess we did get groceries from the store, but I think that is it! They did play with play dough, and kinetic sand, and they colored, and played outside, but that was as crazy as we got! It was nice having the week off. We could just relax.

Chris started feeling a little yucky midweek last week so this weekend we decided we would take it kind of easy as well. We had planned on going to the zoo, but we didn’t even do that!

We needed to get a new lawn mower so that was big on our to do list this weekend. Chris saw a  house on Zillow that was for sale in our neighborhood so we wanted to look at it in person. Turns out they were having a yard sale and they had two lawn mowers for sale. Chris ended buying both of them. (They were $5.00 each.) They both needed a little bit of work (that’s why he bought them both, he wasn’t sure which one would work better.) but they are already better than what the landlord left us here! The yard sale ended up having a few good finds. We got a huge bag of legos for the kids. It has provided them hours of entertainment!  We also bought a nice little blow up raft/row boat type thing so that should be fun!

After the yard sale we had to take our treasures home, then we wanted to go to the zoo. We pulled up and realized it was already lunch time. We were hungry and kids were grouchy. So we decided that going after naps was our best bet. Ono our way home we stopped and picked up fish and chips to go from Little Chinooks and put the kids down. Lilly ended up sleeping for a long time so we didn’t get out the door until after 4:00. We were planning on going back to the zoo, but that didn’t leave much time for us to explore. The zoo will have to wait for another day!

We decided to take the kids to Gold Gardens to play at the beach again. After the Beach we drove out to Shoreline to a hobby store to get pain for our RC race car. Chris has been meaning to paint the new body for awhile, but we just hadn’t gotten around to it. We let the kids pick the colors and they chose neon yellow/green (Ryan’s choice) and hot pink (Lilly’s choice.) We didn’t get enough paint and we will need to get back for more before we can finish! While we were in Shoreline we decided to drive around and look at houses for sale there. It was a lot cheaper there to buy a house! If you get the right location then its not too huge of a commute. We’ll have to keep that in mind in the future. It was fun to drive around looking at houses. Its actually one of my favorite things to do!

The kids also helped me make some cookie bars which was a blast. They are great helpers and I hope they will always like to be in the kitchen with me. Ryan also helped Chris mow the lawn with the new mower. Ryan was sure proud of the job they did!

We also spent more time potty training Lilly which is going well!

This week has started of unusually warm for Seattle. Yesterday (Monday April 18) was almost in the 90s. I’m hoping this isn’t a sign of a super hot summer! Today I think reached 80 and it felt much better. The week will cool down and rain is in the forecast.

Yard sale finds!








Lillian is such an artist, she loves coloring on everything, including our rug!








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