Ready for no more Sickness

This past week has been a fairly quiet and boring one. Chris got whatever sickness I had so we were trying to take it easy for him. He was sick enough to take Thursday off work. Chris never takes work off, so I knew he really wasn’t feeling well. He had a fever and just feeling yucky like I was. I won’t lie, I was a little jealous of him being sick. He got to take work off, stay in bed all day. No kids to bother him. He didn’t have to prepare meals for everyone. In fact he got to sleep or watch TV all day. I brought him food up, so he didn’t even have to leave the room. Much different than when I get sick. I am glad he was able to take time and try to feel better.

Friday after Chris got home from work we went to celebrate Lillian pooping in the potty. We walked down the hill into The Village for some frozen yogurt. Its the best motivation for them to poop in the toilet. It worked for Ryan and its worked for Lilly. As soon as they poop a decent amount in the toilet we celebrate with an ice cream party. I think from then on she has pooped in the toilet! Another huge milestone for her. I may convince Chris to take us again this weekend to celebrate a whole week of pooping in the toilet!

This whole weekend was a lot like last weekend, but even more boring if you can believe it! We actually went to the hobby store in Shoreline for more spray paint for the race car. (Its almost done and when it is done I will post pictures of it! Since Chris did it with the kids I don’t have any pictures of them actually spray painting the thing.) In Shoreline we went to Mod Pizza for lunch. It was pretty good. The best part is they had Dr. Pepper and pebble ice there. (I really miss having Sodas at restaurants, and good ice, and Styrofoam cups that keep my ice form melting…) The pizza was pretty good too. The kids really liked it! (Lilly just had some cinnamon  sugar pizza sticks. She is not a picky eater at all, but she doesn’t like pizza. She likes the crust, she likes cheese, she likes the sauce, but put it together…weird kid. But pizza is Ryan’s favorite!)

We stopped by Costco since we were up there for gas. Gas is so much cheaper at Costco than anywhere else. If we were to get gas close to us, it would be $2.59. Since we drive the half hour to Costco we can get it for I think $2.02 is what we just paid for it, it could have been back to $1.99 though. It is such a big difference. Luckily we don’t drive much here. When we drive we normally are near a Costco so it works out! We went into Costco for dessert. Its one of Chris’ favorite places to get a treat. (He loves their berry sundaes, the kids like the twist ice cream, and I got a churro.)  I’m not a huge fan of it, but the kids like it, Chris likes it, and its super cheap. We walked around and got a few things, since we were there.

We came home and didn’t do anything else the rest of the weekend. It was a super quite weekend, and hopefully Chris was able to relax some. He still isn’t feeling the greatest, but I am hoping he will be better soon. I am getting restless and I want to do something fun this weekend. The weather should be perfect for some outside exploring. We’ll see.

The rest of the week has been going good. Kind of quiet as well. Preschool does take up a big chunk of the day. When we get home we get lunch, have quiet/nap time. When kids wake up they play for a bit and then its time to get dinner going. If they get up early enough we try to go to a park. We did go the other day so Ryan could try to learn how to ride his bike without training wheels. He did pretty good with that! Hes getting close!  Some days Chris gets home early enough and we can go to the park with him! Then its dinner and getting ready for bed. The weekends are the only time we really have time to explore!

We are still walking to preschool every morning. We did stop taking the stroller and Lilly is walking the whole way by herself. As soon as we get to the hill going up, she would start crying wanting to be carried. (I don’t blame her its a HUGE hill.) This week we started counting going up and singing our ABCs and searching for treasures and its worked! No more tears. She is a champ and tougher than the hill! (Ryan has never had a problem with it, and really enjoys walking. He is starting to run and up the hill, makes me a little nervous.)

The kids are growing up and starting to be great helpers. They are in charge of keeping the shoes cleaned up downstairs (we have a cabinet for our shoes by the front door). They have gotten really good at cleaning up their room as well. Ryan loves doing big jobs and seeing what he has accomplished. I am surprised at how much they both get done. Its great having helpers!

The weather has been amazing here lately. I think it rained for the first time in like two weeks. The sun has been out and its been beautiful! We have been staying in the high 50s/60s this week. Next week will be up in the 70s. We have really enjoyed the weather so far here. Ryan doesn’t miss the heat at all! Even when it was in the mid 80s last week we didnt need to turn our AC on. We just used fans and opened the doors and windows and got a nice breeze off the Sound.

Anyway, life is starting to feel more like real life instead of a vacation and I think we are all very happy with our move so far! We will be going back to visit family soon and that will be weird, but good.
















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