Our Chandler House is Sold!!!

Our Chandler house is sold! It really is bittersweet to have it gone. Its sweet since we don’t live there anymore. Bitter because we really loved that house. We thought we would be there at least 10 years. We put so much work into it. When Chris got his full time job offer at Intel … [Read more…]

3 Months

We celebrated our 3 month mark when we were visiting family in Arizona! Its crazy to think that we have lived in Seattle for 3 months now! We are feeling more and more settled. Things are starting to feel like real life, although we are still definitely in the honeymoon period! Chris keeps on adjusting … [Read more…]

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! While I feel so blessed to be a mother, I feel equally blessed to have wonderful Mothers in my life! First I am so grateful for my own mother, Michelle. She really has been my best friend since day one! I never went through a phase where I did not like her … [Read more…]