Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! While I feel so blessed to be a mother, I feel equally blessed to have wonderful Mothers in my life!

First I am so grateful for my own mother, Michelle. She really has been my best friend since day one! I never went through a phase where I did not like her or want to be around her! She is the one I would tell my secrets to. She is one of the few people I feel like I can be 100% around. If I had a bad day she was there to cheer me up, or tell me to suck it up (depending on what I needed to hear.) Our inside jokes are limitless and I am grateful for the example she is to me! She is the type of mother I want to be. (Of course our relationship isn’t all roses, but I am glad we can be honest with each other and move on from when we don’t see eye to eye!) She took off work to drive up all our stuff with my dad and to help us get settled. One of my greatest memories of her is our road trip to Utah. It was so fun going on a trip just the two of us. We took our time and made tons of stops on the way including the Grand Canyon! I get my cautious nature from her and also my adventurous spirit! I am so grateful my kids have her for a Mimi! She is everything I imagined she would be as a grandmother!

I am also grateful for my Grandmothers! I really lucked out! I have my Oma, on my mom’s side and my Grandma on my dad’s side.

My Oma loves serving people. She is constantly thinking of others and how she can help out! She has served mission for our church, she has served in the peace corps, and she has taught English as a Second Language in different countries. She moved her family to the Indian Reservation in Arizona. She felt like she could better serve there. Growing up we would go stay with her for a week and have Cousin’s Camp. She always made it an adventure! She taught me how to snow ski (I still don’t like it despite her best efforts!) She is blunt and honest and an amazing woman! I got my love of traveling from her and hopefully I inherited her love of ALL men! I love seeing my Oma with my kids. She makes learning and playing an adventure!

My Grandma is a doll. I was lucky to grow up close to her. “As you wish” is her catch phrase! She also is one full of service and love for others! She is one of the classiest people I know! She is one who I can talk with about anything. She is always rooting for her kid’s and grand kid’s and will often give her advice on how we can succeed, which I honestly am grateful for! She is always taking people in and feeding anyone who looks hungry!  She loves her family and I don’t know many people who are as close to their extended family as mine is, thanks to her! She is the heart of the Pursley’s!  She takes every grandkid on a small trip on their 12th birthday and a big trip on their 18th. I went on my first (and only) cruise with her, my grandpa, and some of my cousins (and brother). I loved that memory and the love she has for each of her grandkids. We all think we are the favorite. A good sign of a great grandma! I have learned compassion, and passion from her! I get my stubbornness and strength from her! My kids also adore her. When we are at my parents they will walk over to Grandma Great’s house. They play the freeze game, get treats, and have free reign of the toys. She makes them feel as  loved as she makes me feel!

I was also blessed with Aunts that have helped raise me! Carolyn, Jennifer, and Linda who are my dad’s sisters, and  Tracy and  Tammy who my dad’s brothers married. They love me, advise me, are friends with me. They also love my kids. Always willing to entertain them or babysit them.! My mom’s sisters Chris and Peggy and my mom’s brother’s wife Heidi. They all live farther from me and so I don’t see them as often, but I always look forward to seeing them when I can! I know that they are always there if I need them!

I am also truly grateful for my friend’s moms and my mom’s friends! They have all been moms to me!

I was also blessed to be married into amazing mother’s as well!

My mother-in-law has known me since I was a young. She has been a type of mother to me in my growing up years even before I married into her family! She has been a young women’s leader and friend to me! I am glad that she welcomed me into her family despite knowing me so well! She loves her family and her kids. She makes an effort to make sure each of her children feel loved and feel successful! She is their biggest cheerleaders and fans! She raised my husband who I adore and I think he turned out pretty great! She has taught me how to make each of my children feel valued and loved! She is an amazing grandma! Although I think my kids run the show when she is around. They love going to her house and doing whatever they want!

My husband also has some amazing grandmothers who I claim as my own!

Grandma McBride is the center of the McBride clan! She loves her family and tells it like it is. The month before we got married after I went through the temple for my endowments, while we were still in the temple she came over to Chris and tells him its not too late. He doesn’t have to marry me if he doesn’t want, he can still back out. (Yes I was there for that.) I just laughed. Its how Grandma McBride is, she isn’t saying it to be offensive, or because she doesn’t like me. She says it because its the truth. She makes an effort to go to as many of her grandkid’s events as she can. (Which also includes travel, shes amazing!) I have learned from her to speak my mind! My kids love going to Grandma McBride’s house and playing with her toys!

Grandma Tanner. She is saint of a lady! I am lucky to have a lot of memories with her. We lived close to them in Arizona after Chris and I were married. She loves everyone! She takes care of everyone! Is is a going and a doer. She loves her kids unconditionally. I think everyone who steps foot in her home feels the love she has for them! She loves adventure and travel. She is always willing to feed us and help us in anyway. Her and Grandpa Tanner made the trip from Arizona to see us for awhile! I loved being able to show them around! She always has a knack for building us up! She does so much for other people I love being able to do things for her! Grandma Tanner has taught me unconditional love and she has taught me sometimes you just have to laugh even if your circumstances are perfect! My kids love Grandma Tanner. They love playing with her and showing off in front of her!

Chris’ Aunts have also been amazing! Janine, Audrey, Daphne, Paula, Jackie, and Suzy. They are willing to help out when we need it and when Chris’ family needs it! I am grateful for them as well! I am grateful my kids have them as examples!

I also need to wish a Happy Mother’s day to my sister and sister-in-laws! Women who have been mother’s to my children.

Beth is 10 years younger than me. I babysat her and helped raise her! She is feisty and strong. We are opposites in a lot of ways, but she is one of my best friends. She is also a great Aunt to my kids and I am grateful for her example! I am excited to see her with her own family one day!

Lara is my brother James’ wife. I feel so lucky that they found each other! She didn’t miss a beat and jumped right in to being a Pursley. She holds her own and makes us all better! She made me an aunt and gave me my first niece Remmy! She is an amazing mom to her. I’ve learned so much from her. She is constantly doing things for James and Remmy and wanting to be as good as she can me! I am glad I have her and I am glad that my kids have her as an Aunt!

Emma is my brother Preston’s wife. Again I am amazed at how good my brother’s have done in providing me new sisters and best friends. She is patient and kind. She is going to be a mom very soon to my first nephew Parker. She is going to be an amazing mother! She is patient and loving with my kids.

Ashley is Chris’ sister. She is easy to talk to. She is always willing to help me and watch me kids if I need it! My kids love playing with her and so do I! It was so nice having her live so close to us before we moved and it was definitely hard leaving her! She is a breath of fresh air to be around and I am glad she is ours! She is always making my life easier!

Brianna is Chris’ youngest sister. She is sweet and loving. She is always looking out for other people and how to make their lives better. She is always willing to entertain my kids and often she is out with the kids instead of the grown ups so Chris and I can visit with the adults.

Kerby will be marrying Chris’ brother Andrew soon! She jumped right in with my kids the first day we met her. She is fun and sweet. She has babysat my kids for me when Andrew couldn’t! Shes a great sport! We are so excited to have her in our family!

Lindsay is my cousin. Shes actually my dad’s cousin. She spent a lot of time with our family growing up. Going on road trips with us and babysitting us. She lived near me in Arizona and she was one of my best friends. Her mothering was a lot like mine. I loved getting together with her and visiting with her while our kids played. She is the type of mother I want to be and I am so thankful for her example!  She is definitely more than a friend and cousin so I will add her to my sisters list!

My sisters have been great mother like influences for my kids and examples to me! They have qualities that I am trying to adapt to be a better mother and friend! My kids definitely have  a favorite Aunt…its whoever they are with! I don’t know how I lucked out to have sister best friends but I did! My brother’s married wonderful women who I can honestly saw I adore and consider them my best friends. Chris’ sisters are the same way. I love them. They are also my best friends and I think about it and I am so grateful that I love them all!

I have so many cousins as well that have been good influences to me and are great mothers and I love them all and I am thankful for their examples! Happy Mothers day to them! (Michelle, Tassy who are mothers. Heather is a soon to be Mother. Tristan, Kelly Jo, Weslie, Sophie, Brynlee, Allison. I think they have all helped babysit my kids and have influenced them!)

Happy Mother’s Day to my friends.  I think they have babysat my kids for me and I know they love my children and I will/do love their children!

I couldn’t post a Mother’s Day post without saying how grateful I am to be a mother and for the sweet babies that made me a mom. I have two of the sweetest kids around. Ryan is so sweet and loving. He loves everyone! He wants to make sure everyone is happy. He is helpful and fun! I can’t believe I have such an amazing child! Lilly is way more headstrong. She knows what she wants and she gets it. She is quick with hugs and kisses and charm. They are a great pair. Ryan will take care of her and she is quick to comfort him. I am so grateful for their Daddy as well. Chris is an amazing husband and father.

I have so much to be thankful for on this Mother’s Day and I hope all the ladies in my life know how grateful I am for them!



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