Fremont Troll

This week was recovery week from our trip back to AZ. Lillian ended up getting sick when we got home. On the plane ride I noticed she felt warm. She slept some on the plane and a lot in the car. That isn’t typical Lilly so I knew she wasn’t feeling well. Her fever lasted for a few days and she just wasn’t herself. She even ended up missing preschool which was a bummer for her. By Saturday we were all feeling cooped up and we were ready to get out of the house. We didn’t want to do anything to strenuous since Lil was still a bit under the weather, but we wanted to get out and have fun!

Saturday came and we had a few errands to run that morning. The kids didn’t mind because we let them use their tablets. (Normally they only get screen time during quiet time, a few hours in the afternoon.) After our errands we went back to the house to let Lilly (and Chris) nap. After their naps we were ready to go on a adventure. We listed off a few locations to Ryan and let him choose.

Ryan was quick to decide on the Fremont Troll. Its a famous landmark (?) in Seattle. It was featured in Ryan’s book, “Larry gets lost in Seattle.” (A dog gets lost and explores Seattle in the process of finding his boy.) We have seen or been to a lot of the places the dog goes to, the Fremont Troll being one we hadn’t seen yet.

I will be honest, the Fremont Troll is weird. But then again there is a lot in Seattle that is weird, but that is definitely part of the charm. I love how unique Seattle is and the fun things to see, like The Troll. The Troll was built in 1990 in a neighborhood called Fremont. (Seattle has A LOT of neighborhoods its very different from Arizona in those regards. Its almost the same as the small cities and towns in the Phoenix area. Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Queen Creek, etc. except in a smaller area, and all in one city. Each neighborhood is unique and brings its own charm. Fremont being no exception.) The Fremont Troll is obviously built under a bridge, because where else would a troll live? I guess it was built by several artists and put in that location to help get rid of illegal dumping and drug use. The sculpture is 18 feet tall and is holding a VW Beetle. It’s creepy and strange so Ryan loved it. He climbed up and around and hung out on the troll’s head for awhile. We enjoyed it. The downside of it is there were a lot of people around and parking is fairly tight. I’m assuming in the middle of the week in the day it probably is less busy. Nonetheless it was worth a visit!

After that we were still feeling adventurous. We decided to go to Golden Gardens. A playground and beach in Ballard (another neighborhood of Seattle). We’ve been here before and really enjoyed it. Its a great beach! When the kids were done with that we decided we still weren’t ready for home so we went to Discovery park in Magnolia (our neighborhood in Seattle). The kids drove the race car and rode on the zip line there.

Sunday I cut my finger cutting onions and had to go to the doctor to get it checked out. No stitches but I have to have it wrapped for about two weeks so it can heal. Chris started his new calling teaching Ryan’s primary class. (hahahahahahahahahaha) It was a fairly quiet day to kick start the week!

This week is the last week of school before we start summer break! Ryan has been working really hard on learning to do the monkey bars. Hes improved so much and I am so proud of him working hard on his goals. Today he was able to do 9 of the 10! Hes awesome.

Today while Ryan was at school Lil and I went visiting teaching at the zoo. We only saw a small portion of it, but we loved it. Glad we got our pass so we can go all summer long! (We even wore light jackets…end of May and still wearing jackets. I love that!)

We are all still loving Seattle, hoping for no more sickness, and trying to do as much as possible!

































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