Museum of Flight

This weekend was Memorial Day weekend, so we had extra time to spend together as a family. I think it was a much needed break from work for Chris.

We had a nice surprise on Wednesday and the power downtown went out for several hours. Because of that Chris couldn’t work, so he was able to come home early. We decided we wanted to get out of the house for a few hours and we drove around Shoreline looking at houses. (I know its a weird hobby, but it really helps us get a feel of different neighborhoods and how much houses are.) We wanted to do something fun for the kids so we went to the beach up there. The Richmond Beach Saltwater Park. It is a nice little area and the kids had fun playing on the beach!  There is a big parking lot with a short walk to the beach. There is a cool little bridge over train tracks that you have to cross to get to the beach that the kids liked. The beach is full of drift wood and rocks. We did see a cruise ship floating by which was cool. We thought maybe there would be a playground there, but we didn’t see one. (Come to find out there is a playground there, its just above the parking lot and the beach, instead of on the beach.)  The beach was a lot like Discovery Park beach (as far as rocks and drift wood go.) It was a blast doing something mid week with Chris. Although when we got home Chris wanted to catch up on work stuff since the power was back up, and the kids both had HUGE meltdowns of course it was right when I was in the middle cooking so I ended up holding Lilly and cooking dinner while Ryan was having a meltdown on the kitchen floor.

Ryan and Lillian finished preschool last week as well. They really loved school and we are grateful that we were able to get them in this year! Ryan already misses his friends and teacher. He asked me today when he was going to preschool next…

The forecast for Saturday was going to be chilly and rainy so we knew we could go to one of the museums we’ve been wanting to go to. We decided on the Museum of Flight. We have had so many people recommend it to us. Someone in our ward also gave us free passes to get in so that was even better! The kids weren’t sure about it at first, but part way through Ryan told me, “I like it here, I’m having fun!” That is always a win! I’m sure we didn’t see everything there was to see, but we stayed until Lilly started throwing a fit.

We were able to see A LOT of airplanes. They had all sorts of different types. There were military planes, recreational planes, a life sized model of the first airplane. They had a plane that could go MACH 3 speeds. They had cockpits that the kids could sit in. (That was a huge winner.) They had space exhibits that the kids also really enjoyed. There were games for the kids to play. There was an arts and craft area where the kids built paper airplanes. There was a small room that had toys in it for the kids to play with. Ryan loved the legos! We are really glad we went!

After we took the kids to Cheesecake Factory. Its the first time we took them there and they did well. We wanted to go celebrate closing on our house. We decided we wanted to take the kids with us, but we wanted someplace a little fancier than we typically go to with kids, so Cheesecake Factory it was.

Sunday Chris had to teach his primary class (haha I still get a kick out of it.) I’m sure he did great! Ryan said it was a lot of fun having his dad teach him. And Chris said it went better than he thought it would. (Chris teaches a Sunday school type class for the 4 year olds turning 5 this year. Its a class of about 10 ALL BOYS!)

Monday we wanted to hang out around our area. We decided to go on a small hike in Discovery Park. Lilly threw a huge fit starting out and wouldn’t walk at all. She didn’t want Chris to carry her at all, so about 80% of the time I was carrying her. For a little bit I made her go to Chris. I’m not sure what it is, but she has been throwing huge fits lately. She won’t budge at all, just throws huge fits. I’m not sure what to do about it, but its wearing my patience thin! Thanks to Lilly’s fit we didn’t last long and we cut the hike short.

After Discovery Park we went and grabbed lunch at Five Guys, then went home and had quiet time. After quiet time we went to the down the hill park (The Magnolia community center park). It was SO crowded. It was a nice day and no work so everyone was out. After that Ryan wanted to ride the zipline and Chris wanted to drive his rc car so we went to the park in Discovery Park. Again that was so crowded! Ryan could only ride the zip line once because the line was so long. Lilly barely got to swing in the swing since they were all full and Chris couldn’t drive his car. I have to remember if the weather is nice and no one has to work anything outside will be full of people!

Today I decided to be brave and try to hike Discovery Park with the kids and no Chris. (I have been wanting to do it since we moved here.) I took the kids this morning and I brought our carry backpack in case I had to carry Lilly. She thought she wanted to be carried, but we didn’t make it far when she wanted out. She hiked probably about 95% of it herself. She rode in the backpack about 20 steps, and I gave her a piggy back ride for the other 5%. We did the loop trail. (You can hike down the beach from there as well, but the kids wanted to play on the play ground instead of going to the beach.) Its an easy trail, but it was a little long for Lilly. Its just under 3 miles, but adding a lookout point we went to and hiking to the playground (twice) we for sure did over 3 miles. That really is a lot for an almost three year old! Towards the end Ryan was starting to complain a little bit. (He was mostly excited to ride the zipline when we were done!) The trail is really easy to follow and well kept. Parts are paved, but most of it is compacted dirt. I wouldn’t recommend going with a stroller as there are steps, sand, and rocks. We walked through foresty areas, and meadow areas. There are so many different plants and tress to see. There are views of the Sound and the Cascades. We saw bunnies and birds. The kids loved looking for nature treasures (we saw eggshells from a bird hatching, spiderwebs, a dead mouse, caterpillars, giant leaves, and so much more). The kids had  a good time despite being tired, but they both want to go again tomorrow. We’ll see! When we go back I won’t bring the carry back pack, its big and bulky, and Lilly doesn’t even like it. I will bring skittles to encourage the kids, sunscreen (we were in the sun A LOT more than I thought we would be), and my small backpack. We did take a camel back of water and I will bring that again. After the hike both kids had plenty of energy for the playground! (I should also say it took us about 3 hours, so fast we were not, but the kids did it on their own with minimal fits!)

We also found out that my mom and sister are coming next week and my in-laws are coming two weeks after that! We are so excited! I am also going to meet  my brother, my sister-in-law and niece in Oregon the end of this month! The weather has been great and we get to see family so I have a feeling we are going to LOVE summer!

We are still enjoying our time in the Pacific Northwest. I hope we can take advantage of the great summer weather this year! We’d love to have anyone come see us! We have most of July free and I hear that is the best month to be here!









































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