Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day! I have been blessed with so many wonderful men in my life! I look at my life and who I am and I know I wouldn’t be anywhere without the men in my life!

I have an amazing Father, Happy Father’s day! My dad, Rob. He is the best person I know. He is selfless and full of compassion and charity. He is one of the best examples to me of what Christ like love is. He is constantly doing things for others. He is generous and hard working. I knew if I ever needed anything he would be there no matter what. I’ve always been able to count on him. He is a loving father and husband. Because of him I knew how great a marriage could be. I have so many memories of my dad one of my favorite memories with him was a Mexico trip. It was my first time scuba diving in the ocean. I am a very cautious and nervous person, and I knew the only way I would dive is if my dad was with me! We went down and I was nervous, but I was loving it! I was calming down more and more and feeling more in my element. After a while of diving my dad signaled for me to stop and signaled for me to wait there. I had no idea what was going on, and shortly he surfaced and came back down. We continued our dive and after awhile we went back up to the boat. I asked him what he did back there and he told me that we caught a current and were much deeper than we should have been (still only around 40 ft…but we should have been in the 20 ft zone.) and he wanted to see where we were. He said, “didn’t you notice we were fighting the current coming back, with how hard it was to swim?” I told him I didn’t. Lucky for me my dad was pulling me the whole way. I didn’t notice the discomfort or difficulty of it, because he took the brunt of it for me. I always thought I was just like my mom, until I moved to China and was on my own, then I realized I was a lot more like my dad than I thought. I am beyond blessed to have him as my father, and for my kids to have him as their Papa. Ryan is Papa’s boy and Lilly talks to him on her pretend phone every day. We are blessed!

I also have amazing grandfathers! My Grandpa Pursley (my dad’s dad) is one of a kind. He is the smartest person I know. He is eloquent and well educated, but never talks down to anyone. He loves others, especially his family. He has great advice and encouraging words for me and his other grandchildren always. He is always interested with us and his pride in us is apparent. He works hard and plays hard.  I have many many memories of him as well, but my favorite was when he took us on our cruise when I graduated high school. I am sure there were many many things he would have rather done than go on a cruise with five 18 year olds, but he always had a good attitude and always made it fun for us. I am so grateful for that time with him!

My Opa is one of a kind. He is my mom’s dad. He has a quick wit and corny jokes! He is always so proud of his posterity and what they have accomplished. He works extremely hard and is a great example of being self reliant. He wants all of his grandchildren to be self reliant as well and to be caught up in world events. He loves traveling and other cultures. Everywhere he goes he tries to immerse himself in the culture. He is humble and kind! My favorite memories with him were visiting him and my Oma over the summer for cousins camp.  It was always a blast going to visit them. I also remember him taking us skiing and fishing. Also whenever Opa visits he has to ice cream. Ryan loved having a bowl of ice cream before bed every night with Opa!

I have great grandpas that I didn’t know, but I have one that I did know. My cowboy grandpa (my dad’s mom’s dad.) was a strong, loving man. I feel blessed that I lived close enough to him to get to know him. He taught me you’re not a cowboy until you get bucked off a horse or whipped. He added the whipped part after he accidentally whipped me. (He would make us stand with our arms out as wide as they could go holding sticks and he would whip the sticks out of our hands. He missed and got me once.) He was amazing! My senior Prom was his funeral so my date went to his funeral with me. (Chris was my date and was a good sport. I am glad my now husband was able to hear so many great stories and get to know him that way.)

I married into a wonderful family and because of that I inherited even more amazing fathers! Bryan is my father-in-law. He is loving, and kind. He likes to spend as much time with his family as he can, coaching them in sports, taking family trips. If there is something going on in his children’s lives, he is there. I am glad that he has accepted me as one of his own, and I know that if I need anything he will be there for me. He raised Chris amazingly and was a perfect example of what a dad and husband should be. I really lucked out! My favorite memory of him was our Thailand trip that we took to see Chris’ mission. We were newly married (I think 3 months) so it was a fun trip! We did a lot and saw a lot! He even liked me after seeing my cranky, crazy side. (hunger and lack of sleep does that to a girl.) He loves my kids and is so good with them, especially Lilly who is queen of the fits. He is great at calming her right down. He also babysat my kids for several hours by himself! He is an amazing father!

I also inherited Grandpa McBride. He is the most cheerful man! I always see him with a smile of his face! He is full of love and patience! He is always going to family events and his grandkids’s and great grand kids’s sporting events. My favorite memories are all the family get togethers we have. He loves talking with his grandkids and is so proud of all of them!

I also got blessed with Grandpa Tanner, Chris’ mom’s dad. He is a joy to be around.He is a hard worker, but can kick back and enjoy a good book. He is so fun to talk with and be around. He has such an easy going personality and is so full of love! I can always count on the biggest hugs from him and a smile on his face! He does so much for his kids and he is always a great example to me of Christ like love. Since we lived next to him we have many memories of him! One of my favorites is when we laid wood flooring in their cabin. It was hard work and my knees were sore afterwards, but I loved how much FUN we had working together! He has taught us that you can work hard, have fun, and have the pride of doing a good job! I am so grateful for all the memories of him and the memories my kids have of him!

I have amazing uncles as does Chris. Like the best! I know every single one of them would drop anything and come “save” me if I needed it. They have been great advisers and friends to me. I am blessed!

I love my brother’s and brothers in law!

James is my big brother, my protector. Growing up he could push my buttons like no other! Even when we were driving each other crazy, I knew that I could count on him. He has been willing to beat people up for me. (Thankful he also had the restraint not to!) Our relationship has been the most complicated out of my siblings, but is one of the most rewarding now. He is one of my best friends and I love being around him. He makes me laugh so hard all the time! He is a great uncle to my kids and a great father to our Remmy girl. I am glad he is in my life and that my kids have him as an example.

Preston is my little…big brother. He has an easy going personality and we just click. I get his personality and his sense of humor and he gets mine. He is probably the sibling that is most like me. He is a hard worker and a hard player. I enjoy visiting with him and seeing all that he has accomplished. He will be a dad here in a few short weeks and although I am very excited to see him as a dad (I think he will be amazing!) I will miss having him as just an uncle for my kids! He plays and entertains my kids so well and they love him, even when he goes too far!

A shout out to Beth’s boy Cody. I am grateful for the example he set for my kids to serve a mission, work hard and have fun!

I married into great brother’s as well. Andrew and Michael. Andrew has been one of my best buds for a long time! In high school he would hang out with Chris and me which helped me really get to know him. He wasn’t just Chris’ little brother, but my friend. Going to Thailand we got to bond even more. We always had each other’s backs when we wanted food! (You can’t make everyone stop for just one person to eat, but if there is two,its totally justified!) We had the privilege of having him live with us after we got married as well. He is a great uncle and is always willing to babysit my kids. I am so excited to see him as a dad one day and I am grateful that he is so great with my kids!

Michael. I’ve known him since he was born. He was such a cute baby, and a cute boy. Now he isn’t a boy anymore, and its weird to me! My kids adore Michael. He is probably their favorite person. I know a lot of times it is a pain for him when we come over. He has to play with the kids, and do what they want, when I know its not what he wants, but he is  a great sport about. Its so fun watching him interact with my kids!

Ashley and Brianna both hang out with amazing young men. All their boys that are around my kids are so great with them! They work hard and are patient with little ones climbing all over them, or stealing hats. I am grateful for the people they associate with and that they are great examples to my kids!

Lastly, I have an amazing husband. I sometimes reflect on my life and I wonder how I lucked out with him. He challenges me and makes me better. He is my safe spot and my home. I never feel fully comfortable unless he is around. He is my everything. I am grateful for the dad that he is to the kids. He comes home from a long day at work and the kids just attack him. He plays with them and reads to them. Ryan is for sure a dad’s boy and knows that dad is more fun. Lilly loves being his little princess and holding hands on walks with him. Chris has enough energy on weekends to fulfill my adventure needs and takes us on outings and hikes, when I know he would probably like to catch up on sleep or other things he needs to do. My kids will have so many great memories of their dad!

I love all the father’s in my life and I truly am blessed! Happy Father’s Day!



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