4 months

We have been living in Seattle for FOUR MONTHS now! I can’t believe we have been here that long already. Parts of me feel like we have lived here forever and other parts feel like it was just yesterday since we moved! I think we are all still very happy with out decision to move to the Pacific Northwest! (Especially now that its summer in Arizona!)

Chris is still enjoying his job. I think he is liking it more and more and getting more settled. They just moved their office area to a new floor and he has a great view of the Sound! He is responsible for more projects on the site (Zillow Digs) which is fun! He is even mentoring an intern right now which is helping him learn even more!

The kids are super happy. Ryan loves that it isn’t so hot. Both kids love that we do so much outside. I feel like we are always busy in the best way possible! We have been out of preschool for a whole month now and we haven’t slowed down a bit! We’ve been to the zoo, we go on walks every morning. We are finding new parks to explore. If you ask Ryan if he wants to go back to Arizona he says, “NO!” If you ask him if he likes Arizona or Washington he will always chose Washington.(Sorry AZ family, we do miss you guys though! I think you’d love it up here if you joined us!)

The weather is amazing! I have loved the overcast and rainy days. Now that its summer it is definitely warmer and the sun is out more. We have had a few warm days and one hot day. Nothing like in Arizona, but it did get in the 90s and we don’t have air conditioning so it was warm! But most of the time it is in the 70s! I think I may be the only person in Seattle who sees the sun and weather in the upper 70’s and was wishing it would be more overcast! I think I am still recovering from Arizona super hot summers. 80 is not hot, 80 is not hot 80 is not hot!

We try to go on an adventure every weekend whether its close by or camping. Its been a lot of fun and I am glad that Chris likes doing so much too!

We are currently trying to decide if we should buy a house or keep renting. We have looked a few that we liked. Put in two offers, neither got accepted. We’ll see what happens there.

My mom and Beth came and visited us which was great! So far we’ve had Beth, the Tanner’s (Chris’ grandparents), my mom and Beth.This week the McBride’s will come for awhile and I will go visit my Brother and his family in Oregon!

We still miss our families, but we are loving life! Washington has been good to us so far!
















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