I have a Nephew!!!

Summer is officially here in Seattle. It took a while to get here, but here it is. The past week has been fairly warm. We get weather in the high 70s and low 80s. Sunny days are here! We have no AC so it does get a bit warm in the house. We’ve been keeping windows and doors open until mid afternoon when it gets hot, then we shut everything, including blinds to try to keep out the warm sun and to trap the cool air we had. Its worked fairly well! I wish I didn’t have to cook dinner. Nothing heats the house like the oven or stove on. Even the crockpot heats up the kitchen.

At night we sleep with our door open (We are on the second story so it feels pretty secure!) and it gets nice and chilly. We even get fairly cold in the night which is so nice!!!

I get to wake up to the views of the mountains and the Sound. Most mornings its foggy over the water which is super dreamy!

During the days we’ve just been trying to get things done around the house. We haven’t ventured out too much, but its been nice! We have gone to the movies a few times as well as the zoo, the beach and parks. Sometimes its nice just to be home!

The past few weekends we have been looking at houses and going to open houses. Its actually been a lot of fun! The kids don’t love it, but they are good sports. We try to go to a park or do something that they like as well. I also bribe them with marshmallows. If they are good at an open house they get a marshmallow in the car!

We’ve also got a boy who is obsessed with Pokemon! (Ryan not Chris!) ┬áPokemon tv shows, catching all the Pokemon! Its actually been a lot of fun! Ryan has caught several Pokemon and is now really wanting to buy a pickachu toy. We’ll go on a hikes and look for pokemon. We’ll go the park and look for pokemon. It really has been fun! (No sarcasm, I really like it!)

The most exciting thing that has happened recently is…I have a nephew!!!! My little brother Preston and his wife Emma just had their first baby! I’m so in love with him, but makes me wish I was in Arizona to give him loves and cuddles! Emma had a long hard delivery, but did so good! Parker is a perfect, sweet baby! I’m so thankful for technology so I can get pictures of him and do video calls to see him! Just wish I could hold him! Preston and Emma are natural parents! I’m so lucky to have a sweet niece Remmy and now a sweet nephew Parker!

Life is good, we’re happy and having fun. My only complaint is Lilly stays up WAY TOO LATE. The good news is its starting to slowly get darker earlier.










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