7 months

September marks 7 months since we left our Arizona home and family and left on this crazy adventure! Time really is flying by!

September marks are 7th month here and it is also the first month that we will not see any of our Arizona family. How crazy is that? February before we moved we said goodbyes to everyone, and my parents drove all our stuff up and helped us move in. March my sister Beth flew out for her springbreak. April our awesome grandparents (The Tanners) came up and spent a weekend with us. May we flew back to AZ for our brother Andrew’s wedding to his awesome wife Kerby. We were able to see a lot of family then! June my mom and sister came back to spend a week with us. Later that month I was also able to meet my brother James and sister (in law)Lara and neice Remmy in Oregon at Lara’s family’s house. July Chris’ family spent a week with us. August our sister Ashley came out and stayed with us for a few weeks. Then my mom came to help us move again!

Luckily the kids started school to distract us from the lack of family! We have all been extremely busy with moving and school starting. Chris trying to get projects completed at work, getting used to the new commute, and house projects.

We love our new home, our neighborhood and our neighbors! We feel extremely lucky and blessed! Our house definitely needs some updating. We still haven’t gotten a concrete plan into place yet, so we haven’t done much to it. I am liking not living in a construction zone so I’m ok with it! I am missing a dishwasher and a garbage disposal though! The bathroom is also really tight, but I can live with all of that for awhile!

This area is better for me to go out and about. Running errands is way less stressful knowing that I will have parking and not crazy traffic! I even ventured out for a massage! I also have a lot of kid free time which I didn’t have before! My kids never went to preschool at the same time, so I was always left with at least one. Now I have 9 hours a week kid free! I get so much more done!!!! We¬†are also in a better location for adventuring. We are close to freeways and it’s great!

The weather is still great! September definitely dropped in temperature and it started off pretty overcast and wet, but there have definitely been more sunshine days than rainy days so far! Leaves are changing colors and it really is gorgeous! I have always loved fall and now I really get to experience it!!!!

We still miss all our family and friends in Arizona, but we are still loving the Pacific Northwest!



making Aunt Tracy’s Snickerdoodles


Turned Aunt Tracy’s snicker doodles into ice cream sandwiches. Super yummy!


First day of preschool in Shoreline!


The kids are helping Chris with some remodels



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