Ferry to Whidbey Island

Before we bought our house a lot of our weekends were spent going to open houses and looking at houses. Now that we have our house, our weekends are a bit more open! The first weekend we went camping to the Ape Caves near Mount St. Helens!

Last weekend we decided to go to the Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah. We went to this zoo before when the McBrides were in town visiting us. It’s a fun little zoo. The kids like it because they like feeding the animals! We actually didn’t spend a ton of time there, but it was fun spending time on the East side!

That day both kids were starting to get runny noses and coughs. They both were coughing and sneezing all night so we stayed home from church on Sunday.

When kids are sick we like going on drives. Chris and I like getting out of the house, but we also like the kids to take it easy and drives let us do both! Our kids luckily travel really good. We decided that they could bring their tablets along this time so it was more exciting for them. Ryan also is really into Pokemon Go so we decided we would search for Pokemon as well! Ryan has been really wanting a Pikachu so we were hoping we would be able to catch one!

We were outside talking with the neighbors Saturday evening and they mentioned they caught a Pikachu! They said the ferry terminals were great places to catch all sorts of Pokemon so we decided that we would venture out to one of the ferry terminals near our new house. (We used to take the ferry downtown to Bainbridge Island. It’s a great ferry ride, and a lot of fun so we were looking forward to a new to us ferry adventure!)

There are a few ferries near us, the closest being the Edmonds-Kingston ferry. A little further is the Mukikteo-Whidbey Island ferry. We weren’t sure what we would do in Kimgston, all we knew was that there is the same ice cream place that we love on Bainbridge Island there as well (Mora!!!). We finally decided that we would just take the Mukilteo ferry to Whidbey Island then we would drive up by Deception Pass and go home. The Mukilteo Ferry terminal is half hour from our house (give or take a bit). This would also be the first time we took the car on the ferry and that was a lot of fun! Ryan was able to play some Pokemon as well. Sadly he was out of poke balls so we had to find some poke balls first.

We drove on the ferry and enjoyed the quick ride over to Whidbey Island. (When you take your car on the ferryr you get out of the car and hang out like normal on the ferry…then you go back to your car just before you get to your destination.) Ryan got a few more poke balls at some poke stops at the ferry terminal so we were ready for our drive and searching for Pokemon.

We had no idea what to do on Whidbey Island so we decided we’d just drive and go places that seemed interesting. We first stopped at Possession Beach. There was a tiny pier that we walked on. We saw a ton of little fish eating seaweed (and heard them.) We threw rocks in the ocean and we really wished we had a canoe or kayak. We also saw a sealion and some floaty jelly blobby thing. It was a very nice day And that beach was so peaceful. We really enjoyed it there and will go back in the future!

Leaving Possession Beach we saw three deer on the side of the road just grazing. We were really close to them and stopped and watched them for about 5 minutes. They were alert to us, but they didn’t seem bothered by us at all. A big fly came and buzzed around one of them. It kept startling the deer, then the fly landed on the deer and spooked it big time. All three deer took off after that. It was quite funny.

We drove around for awhile more and came to a really pretty park. We let the kids out for awhile (it ended up being a bad idea…) They had fun then we loaded up for more of a drive.

We originally planned to make it to Deception Pass and just drive a loop home (only taking the ferry that one way). Instead we were getting hungry. Just turning around and taking the ferry home would only take an hour or so, making the loop would put us home about 4 hours later so we just decided to call it a day so we turned around and headed back to the ferry terminal.

In line for the ferry Chris took the kids to catch a few more Pokemon. They caught a few new ones, but then we were down to 1 poke ball. Ryan decided to save it just in case. As we were getting ready to drive on the ferry Ryan saw a Pikachu! He used his last poke ball and was able to catch it! It was a dream of his for a long time so he was beyond happy!!! (His exact words…)

It ended up being the perfect day. Going someplace new, exploring, and Pikachu! It was a lot of fun! That night as we were getting ready for bed Ryan ended up having an asthma attack. (He hasn’t been officially diagnosed, his pediatrician has him on a daily pill to help and we have a breathing treatment machine at home. His flare ups don’t happen often and it only ever has happened at night.) After his breathing treatment he was feeling a bit better but still wheezy. We let him stay up watching a show before he went back to bed. I think he over did it at that park….the next day he still was a bit wheezy so I kept him home from school. The rest of the week we had both kids take it pretty easy and they are both much better now!

Overall it was a very successful weekend! I am glad my family likes going on adventures with me! I love that there is still so much left for us to explore here!

Sick Lillian


Sick Ryan




Ryan’s love of monkey bars trumped him feeling sick. Sadly he paid for it later.











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