We had a great Halloween this year! It was our first Halloween where it wasn’t 90+ degrees out and we didn’t have to worry about the kids costumes being too hot! This was also my first Halloween in over 3 years without having massive allergies! On a more sad note it was also our first Halloween in a long time without being with family. Ryan’s first two Halloweens I was in Thatcher with family. ┬áRyan’s 3rd and Lillian’s first Halloween my mom and sister came to town and did Halloween with us. Ryan’s 4th Halloween and Lillian’s 2nd, Chris’ family came to town and we also had Chris’ grandparents come over. And Ryan’s 5th and Lillian’s 3rd, we went to Out of Africa (a zoo type thing in AZ) with Chris’ grandparents and did some light trick or treating as well. Being away from family is always more apparent on Holidays and we miss them extra. Luckily, I can snap a picture on my phone and send it to everyone super easily! This Halloween we also missed Intel’s trick or treating. Intel lets their employee’s families come in, dress up, and trick or treat around the cubicles. It was actually my favorite Halloween thing we’ve done. Zillow does a lot of awesome things, but they don’t do that.

A few days before Halloween we decided to paint our pumpkins instead of carving them. I thought it might be more hands on for the kids and they liked the idea. Lilly loves the “my little ponies” so for hers she wanted to make a my Little pony unicorn. Ryan loves Pokemon so he made a few Pokemon and a poke ball. (He made Pikachu and Gengar.) It was a lot of fun and they did great painting them!

The kids’ preschool also had a Fall Festival that was a lot of fun! It was Chris’ first time seeing the kids’ school and meeting their teachers. They had a potluck, games, and other activities. The kids loved showing Chris their school and showing their teachers their costumes! (Ryan was an astronaut and Lillian was a nice, spooky witch.) It was a lot of fun and I am glad we were able to go to that!

This Halloween the weather was great! The kids did wear a base layer under their costumes, but neither of them wore jackets. We woke up to a very wet morning, but luckily the rain cleared and we had a dry evening.

I had no idea where to go trick or treating so I looked up a few different things to do in the area. Surprisingly our neighborhood was very quiet so we didn’t stick around here. Chris got home a little later than he was hoping, but we were able to leave right when he got home! We ended up going to down town Edmonds, a near by town, and did all of our trick or treating there. It was actually really great! It was about 15 minutes away from us, with free parking. They closed down the streets of their downtown and business were handing out treats. The kids got a lot of candy, we didn’t have to worry about traffic, and we all had a lot of fun!!!

The kids loved their Halloween! They got so much candy and loved being out and about trick or treating! It was great having cooler weather as well and it actually felt like fall, just wish some of our family could’ve been around!























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