A Sunny January Picnic

Seattle is famous for its wet, gloomy, overcast winters. There are a lot of rainy days in the winter time in Seattle, there are also some really nice days! When the sun comes out, the people go out! We decided that it was a perfect day to go and get donuts ( at Donut Factory) and eat them at the park! We went to Marina Beach Park in Edmonds! I like this park a lot because the kids like to play at the playground and also the beach is pretty nice. It really is a very pretty park! Its fun to watch the ferries go back and forth and look in the water for a whale. (It is along the whale trail, but I’m not sure how many whales people see from shore…but its worth keeping an eye out!) ┬áThis trip we didn’t see any whales, but we did see a sea lion.

Growing up my family spent a lot of time in Mexico where we’ve seen plenty of sea lions. We’ve been scuba diving with Sea lion and have gotten within inches of them. Growing up I never thought I’d live in a place that seeing a sea lion would become common place, but I have! Its crazy that while my kids play at the park I can see sea lions. Have I mentioned that I LOVE the Pacific Northwest?!?!?

Anyway the kids spent time playing at the park and eating their donuts. I spent time watching for whales, watching my kids, and making sure the Seagulls didn’t fly off with one of our donuts. I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping beach toys in the car with us because you never know where you might end up, and today was a perfect day to bust them out! After playing on the play ground the kids moved their play to the beach and sand! It was a perfect day!




I love the Pacific Northwest! I never thought I’d see pine needles on the beach, I love that in Seattle its commonplace!











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