Aunt B comes Again

My little sister Beth, or as the kids call her, Aunt B was able to come visit again! Beth is 10 years younger than me and one of my best friends. I kind of feel like we wouldn’t be as close if we were closer in age…our personalities are too different! Since she is 10 year younger than me we got to skip the fighting sister stage and just move on to the friend stage! When we moved to Seattle I wasn’t sure how much I’d actually get to see Beth and that was a huge bummer. Lucky for us Beth is good at making plans, and making them happen! Our parents also like us spending time together. Every chance shes had to come visit, shes made it happen! She came for her spring break when we first moved, her and my mom came to visit last summer, and now this visit! Its the best!

This visit we thought might have been one of the last times we’d get to see each other for awhile. Shes going to volunteer abroad for several months in August (in Thailand…so jealous!) and I wasn’t sure if I’d see her before she left. She had a long weekend so she wouldn’t be missing school, she told my parents that this would probably be her last chance to see me and she got a plane ticket to Seattle. (Turns out I saw her in April and I will see her in August right before she leaves! ha!) Everyone was so excited to have Aunt B visit for a few days!

We were all supposed to pick her up in the evening, but her flight was majorly delayed (over 3 hours) so I went alone while the kids were asleep for the night. The kids were sad not to see Beth that day, but they were excited that when they woke up the next day she’d be there! The next morning the kids were up bright and early and went into her room right away. Shes a great sport and was more than happy to wake up to play with the kids!

That morning we went to get donuts at our favorite donut shop, Donut Factory. Beth got to try one of my favorite kinds, Bavarian Cream with pink frosting mmmm. We then went on the Mukilteo Ferry to Whidbey Island. We took her to one of our favorite spots on Whidbey Island, Possession Beach. We were able to walk around and throw rocks in the water. It was a bit chilly, even though it was a sunny day, so we didn’t stay too long.

Even though Aunt B has been here 3 times she had never been to the Fremont Troll! So we finally took her to see the Fremont Troll. The kids always love running around and climbing up on the troll so they were happy! Beth finally got picture proof that she had finally visited the troll. Another thing Beth hasn’t done yet was go to the gum wall that is near Pike Place Market downtown. Even though shes been to Pike Place Market, we somehow skipped on The Gum Wall. We finally took her to that as well and she got the customary picture of putting gum on the wall. To this day The Gum Wall grosses me out majorly.

I think every time we have visitors now we have to take them to Vertical World so Ryan can show off his skills and so we can let visitors try climbing as well. Beth was up for whatever so she was game for climbing. She actually did a great job climbing and I think she had a great time! The rock gym is fairly close to one of the best views of the city, so we of course had to drive by that and get a view of the skyline all lit up!

We also took Aunt B to a new park we discovered that the kids really like. It was pretty windy that day, and very chilly. None of us made it long, but the kids enjoyed playing and we always enjoy playing on the beach! Beth was a good sport even though she was freezing! (Poor Arizona girl!) I was kind enough to let her wear my warmest coat! I want to say that night the boys went back to the rock climbing gym and we girls went to get pedicures!

Beth’s last day, before she had to go to the airport to catch her flight we were able to have sister time while Chris was at work, and kids were at school. We decided to get massages from one of my favorite massage places. (Its a Chinese acupressure place that is only 30 bucks for a 60 minute massage.) We then went and got some Thai food. It was a perfect ending to our long weekend together! We picked up kids and then we took Aunt B to the airport! Again its always so sad and hard to say goodbye, but I am SOOO glad she was able to come visit!

























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