Kali and Dave come to Visit

Kali has been my best friend for years, in fact she is more like family than just a friend. She made going through middle school and high school easy and drama free! Kali would come on family trips with us to Lake Powell and made life fun! When we graduated we went to Chicago together. We took college classes together. We moved to China and were roommates together while we taught English. After China I got married and she moved to Idaho, but of course we stayed close. After Idaho she moved to Mesa, near me and we would get together, but not often enough! She met Dave and fell in love and married him. A few months after they were married we moved to Seattle so we didn’t get to know Dave all that well, but since Kali loved him, we loved him!

I was SOOOO excited when she told me that they were going on vacation for Dave’s birthday and wanted to come to Seattle!!! I was even more excited when she said they wanted to spend part of their vacation with us! I was So excited! I was excited to see Kali and Dave. I was excited that they could see our home here. I was excited for them to see Seattle, the city that I have fallen in love with and call home.

They were flying into Seatac airport on Saturday and would stay that night with us. Then Sunday they would go to a hotel and finish their trip downtown exploring.  I was more than happy to pick them up from the airport and bring them to our home. They dropped their stuff off at our house and we took them to eat at our favorite Thai restaurant, Pop Pop Thai.

After Thai food we took them on a ferry ride and drove to Deception Pass. We walked across the bridge and walked on the beach for awhile. It was a chilly, rainy day, but it was still so beautiful out. My kids loved playing in the water on the beach. It was quite a site seeing my kids in their rain jackets knee deep in the water! The water had to have been in the 50s and the temperature outside had to be high 40s, but my kids were still playing in the water! On our way home we got Dick’s for dinner!

Sunday we went to sacrament, but decided to play tourist the rest of the day with Kali and Dave before they could check in into their hotel.  I know why its important to write things down right after they happen or you forget…since this was 6 months ago I don’t remember 100% what we did that day with them! I do know we went by the Fremont Troll and walked around there a bit. I think we drove by Ella Bailey Park to enjoy the view of Seattle. I know we ate Fish and Chips at Little Chinooks! And I know we had a lot of fun visiting and driving around our City with some great friends! We dropped them off at their hotel to enjoy the rest of their trip!

I was so glad we got to hang out with them and I am glad we had so much time to get to know Dave. He is such a great guy and compliments Kali very well! My kids were afraid of Dave at first but warmed up to him super quick. Dave and Kali seem to have a great life together which makes me happiest!

We love having friends and family visit even if its just a quick pop in to say hi!









Lillian really wanted a picture with Dave



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