Trip to Arizona for Aunt Ashley’s Wedding!!!

We were excited to have another trip to Arizona to see family! This time we were going down because Ashley was getting married to Everett! We love visiting family and its always fun to be together for a fun, happy occasion!

Before we left on our trip Lillian and I got our customary out of town pedicures. I love doing this tradition with her! She loves getting her toes done and I love having a buddy with me!

We left our house early in the morning to fly into Phoenix. We landed, picked up our rental car and stopped by target to pick up a few things. After Target I dropped Chris off at Intel so he could see some of his old coworkers and they went to lunch. While they were at lunch the kids and I went to Mimi’s Cafe! It was fun to have a little date with the kids!

After lunch we needed to hurry back to Thatcher because we were getting family pictures with the McBrides. We made it just in time to change and get ready for pictures and we were right on time for pictures. We were also able to finally meet Everett then as well!!! (Ashley’s soon to be husband!) After pictures we did dinner at R&R Pizza. Chris went with his family to help set up for Ashley’s reception that was going to be the next day. I went to my parents house and put the kids to bed.

The next day was wedding day! More wedding prep, the wedding, pictures, and the reception took up the whole day. It was a beautiful wedding and we were so glad that we were able to be a part of it! It was fun to spend time with Andrew and Kerby, we don’t don’t get to see that often since they never come and see us…(with the rest of the McBrides). We also have a good time with them!

Sundays we split between my family and Chris’ family. We went to church with McBrides. Then we went to my parents house and spent Easter afternoon with them. That evening we went back and did Easter with the McBrides. That evening Chris had to drive to Mesa to stay the night because he was flying out about a week before the Kids and me. Its always sad when Chris and I are apart, but I was very glad to have a little longer time in Arizona!

The rest of the week I was able to spend a lot of time with my family and the McBrides! I loved being able to see them so much! The kids loved all the attention as well.

One day my family took a day trip in the desert. We took the mule, the ranger, and four-wheelers. We had a picnic and went on a nice drive. It was so fun to see the beauty of the desert while spending time with my family! We caught a snake and the kids showed no fear and ran up to Papa, who was holding it, and pet the snake. Growing up snakes were my favorite animals and I loved catching them and holding them. I had a few pet snakes growing up as well. I just love them so I was glad to see my kids weren’t nervous around them either!

I love my family so much and I am so grateful that Chris’ family and my family live down the road from each other. I’m so glad I get to see ALL of them while we’re in town!

Since Chris drove the rental car back when he flew out I needed a ride to Mesa to catch my flight. My mom, Beth, and I (and the kids) drove to Mesa a day early and went shopping, out to eat, and stayed at a hotel. We were able to meet with my cousin/friend Lindsay and her kids which is always a highlight of our trip. The next morning we flew home! Again its always so hard to say goodbye, but I am so glad we were able to go! We knew we wouldn’t be back for another 6 months at least, but we were hoping to have family come visit us until then!

Thanks for getting married Ashley and Everett! It was a beautiful wedding and you two are a beautiful couple! We love you both!

































































































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