North Creek Park Boardwalk

North Creek Park Boardwalk-2 miles out and back, 0 elevation gain

Pass-none     Difficulty-1     Rating-4/5


I really wanted to start taking the kids on small outings on Fridays when they aren’t in school. I didn’t want to do anything to far away, or too complicated without Chris so I was looking for some easy hikes. I was able to find a few, but one in particular stood out to me. Its called North Creek Park Boardwalk. Its in Bothell and its just over 20 minutes from our house. It would be a 2 mile hike, going completely flat and I thought that would be perfect for us.

We drove out there and we parked in front of a huge, nice park. The kids of course wanted to play on the park first, but I knew if they did that they would use all our energy before our walk. I told the kids if they did a good job on our walk then we could play at the park afterwards. (It was a great motivator!) With the park behind us we headed to the right and walked down a small hill. Soon we were on the boardwalk. This boardwalk is built on a marsh and what makes it so cool is that it is floating! The kids were so excited to see what it would be like to walk on a floating sidewalk! There weren’t many people there so the kids were able to run around. We could see peaks of the water, but it was mostly covered by reeds and other marine plants. It was fun to watch birds along the way as well.

The kids did great the whole way and they were looking forward to playing at the park. The park was a lot of fun and it was a great end to our little outing. I highly recommend this little walk!









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