Kayaking at…Kayak Point

After our first, quick little kayak outing after we first bought our kayaks we knew we wanted to go out again fairly soon and we wanted to go out on a bigger, longer kayak adventure! Both Chris and I had heard that Kayak Point is a beautiful place and it sounded like it would be a great place for us to go kayaking. I was a bit nervous to kayak in the sound. It seemed way more intense than just kayaking in a lake, but there are some really cool places to kayak in the sound. We figured this place would be an easy transition since it is pretty land locked (so we wouldn’t float out to sea). We also knew it was going to be a nice, calm day so it was now or never.

Kayak Point is about an hour away (maybe a little less) so it was a pretty easy drive! We got there early enough that we found a good parking spot. Unloading the kayaks was pretty easy here. They do have a boat ramp that we used, but there were other places we could have put in as well. We spent a few hours kayaking. We brought snacks for the kids so that was great. Sometimes we would pull up on a beach and let the kids run around and stretch, then we’d get back in the kayaks and keep on kayaking. We saw sea lions and a bald eagle up in a tree. It was a peaceful beautiful day.

While we were loading up the kayaks we let the kids play on the playground there. They loved it! Kayak Point is a great place. The downside is that it is a pretty popular place and it can get really busy. When we first got there it wasn’t too busy, but when we were done kayaking it was packed. I would imagine going over a holiday would be CRAZY.















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