Kruckeberg Botanical Garden

Shoreline is such a pretty city and its been so fun exploring it! The other day we were driving around Shoreline and we drove by this Botanical Garden about 10 minutes from our house. It was closed, but I was very interested in going there with the kids. When we got home I went online and found out it was only open on the weekends, (Friday-Sunday). I figured one Friday this summer I would take the kids and see how we liked it.

During the summer the botanical garden also does a kid program on Fridays. For $10 a family they do a nature activity. They have coloring pages, and another art project. They give out information about the subject and you walk around the botanical garden looking for the things you learned about. We thought this would be perfect and we were really excited to learn that the week we were going we would be talking about lady bugs! We love lady bugs in this house so we were super excited.

We learned what lady bug eggs look like, what lady bugs eat, and why they are good in the garden. (Lady bugs eat the bad bugs that eat the leaves of your plants!) The kids did several coloring pages and they painted lady bug rocks. We walked around the botanical garden looking for lady bugs, but this botanical garden is also a nursery so they make sure to keep the bad bugs a way, so lady bugs don’t like to hang out here. The kids still had fun looking for signs of lady bugs.

The thing that makes this botanical garden stand out above all over botanical garden is this giant sculpture made from a Redwood Tree. Its made for kids to play on and climb through and it really is the best jungle gym I’ve seen. Ryan and Lillian both loved climbing on it. In fact, we loved it so much that we knew we had to bring Chris back with us.

Chris was equally impressed with the botanical garden and he even liked climbing in the big sculpture. Even if you don’t want to climb on the sculpture there is plenty to do here. The grounds are really pretty and its such a peaceful place in the heart of Shoreline! (And its free!!!!)























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