Climbing in Leavenworth Round 2

Chris was looking forward to rock climbing outside again so we decided we would go again this weekend. Out of the three places we’ve been (Mt. Erie-kind of…, Exit 38, and Leavenworth) Leavenworth has been my favorite. Mt. Erie is really cool, but its kind of scary with kids. Most of the routes are on pretty steep hills and there is some scrambling to get to them. I would definitely recommend this place if you are going with older kids or without kids. (Our kids are 4 and 5 and that is a bit young in my opinion.) Exit 38 is nice, but its kind of in the middle of nowhere and there is a small hike to get to the rock climbing. I like Exit 38 because there is a lot of area for the kids to be and I’m not nervous of them falling down a hill. There is also cell reception here so the kids can play on their phones while they’re not climbing. The downside with Exit 38 is we climb and then we go home. When we go on outings I like a little more to do…(or places to eat at.) If you want to go and climb all day this would be a great place for that! Exit 38 is also the closest to us! Rock climbing near Leavenworth is great because we just wait in the car while Chris goes and sets up Top Rope. There is a big area for kids to hang out when they aren’t climbing and I’m not afraid of them falling off the hill. Its also really close to Leavenworth so we can stop climbing, go get lunch, then come back and climb if we want. It breaks up the day and gives the kids a rest from climbing. Leavenworth is hotter than the other places and more in the sun, there is also no cell service there.

Since I knew the boys wanted to climb I decided to pick the place and I chose Leavenworth! We went to the same area we did before, but we climbed the route right next to the one we previous climbed. This time when we climbed “Barney’s Rubble” we climbed the crack that is a 5.6.  We don’t really know how to climb cracks so it was a bit harder for me. I only went up about half way. I think I may have been able to finish it, but the new climbing shoes I got were way to tight and all I could think about what how bad my feet hurt.  After I watched Ryan do it I thought it looked easy, he just ran right up. I felt silly when I had such a hard time. Chris did really well on it as well (although he didn’t make it look as easy as Ryan made it look). I think it was fun for them to climb a crack!

We then went and ate at the pizza place we love, Rudloof’s Pizza. We eat there every time we are in Leavenworth. Chris’ Great Aunt and Uncle took us there the first time we were in Leavenworth!

After pizza we went back out to the rock climbing area. Chris and Ryan did a quick climb, but Lillian and I waited in the car. (Another reason I love climbing in Leavenworth!) We had a great time and I love watching my boys climb!











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