Utah Trip

One day I was on the phone with Beth. She was telling me how she was mad at me for not going down to a family reunion that we originally thought we would be at. She was also telling me about the rest of her summer plans, before she’d leave for Thailand. She told me that she had a training (for Thailand) in Utah and her and my mom were driving up and would be there for a few days. Without really thinking I told her that hey, maybe me and the kids wold drive down and meet up with her. I hadn’t thought about it at all prior to talking with her, but after telling her I may go it got my thinking that it could be a really fun trip. The next day my mom called me and was ready to plan our trip, I figured I should talk to Chris and see if he would be on board with me going.

Chris gave me the go ahead and it was official I was going to road trip to Utah with my cute kids! Our drive was full of adventure, but we survived!

Our first full day in Utah Beth had her training so me and my mom got to play with the kids. Every day in Utah started off with Sodalicious Sodas, then we would go play. We drove up to Park City and we rode the alpine slides. I remember riding the Alpine Slides when I was younger and I think I had the break on the whole time. My kids were a lot braver than I was. Lillian rode with Mimi and Ryan and I rode together. We were able to ride side by side so it was a race which the kids LOVED! I don’t think my kids used the breaks once and we went down full speed. It was so much fun!

That night after Beth’s training we were able to meet up with one of my favorite people ever! I met Cami when I was a head teacher in China and we were roommates. We clicked instantly there and became great friends. She and another friend came down to visit me 2 months after we got back to China, and I went up for Thanksgiving of the same year. We hadn’t seen each other since then (about 7 years!!!) We met at a restaurant and when she walked in I was so excited!!! It was so fun to catch up and visit with her. After we ate we just went outside and talked for a few hours. It was such a blast and I am so thankful for her in my life! (Beth and my mom, and the kids were with me because everyone loves Cami!!!)

The next day we woke up and went for a small hike to Bridal Veil Falls. Beth had the morning off of training so she was able to come with us. The hike was short and super easy, but it was really pretty. It was fun to see the pretty falls and to be out in the cool morning. The kids loved being able to run along the trail and race Mimi. It was pretty busy when we were there and we had to watch out for bike riders, joggers, and other hikers, but the kids still had fun and so did we!

After our hike we went and got brunch at Waffle Love and had yummy waffles. The kids weren’t impressed, but I think everyone else really enjoyed their waffles. After brunch Beth had to make it back to training, so we dropped her off and we went our separate ways.

We decided on going to Thanksgiving Point and we went to the Museum of Ancient Life. We weren’t sure what to expect at this museum, we just knew there were dinosaur bones there and kids like dinosaur bones. We also wanted to watch the National Park 3D video that they had there. We had a few hours to kill before the show. We thought we would walk through the Museum of Ancient life fairly quickly, then we would go walk around Thanksgiving Point until our movie started, but we ended up staying in the Museum the whole time!

The Museum of Ancient Life was awesome and I strongly recommend it for younger kids. The museum starts at the beginning of time and walks you through the different periods of time( Pre-dinosaurs-Present time). There were so many hands-on exhibits that the kids loved. There was digging in sand, there was playing in water, they had everything! It was such a blast! We barely made it in time for our movie! The movie was really good as well. Ryan especially loved it because it followed rock climbers through multiple National Parks.

After Thanksgiving Point we met up with Beth after her final day at training and we were off to eat at one of Chris’ old mission companion’s Thai restaurants. (Chris served his mission in Thailand and Elder Anantachai was a native Thai elder and one of Chris’ favorite companions. When we went back to visit Thailand after we were married we went and visited Anantachai while we were there. Anantachai moved to Utah to go to school and has a cute wife and an adorable son. We haven’t seen him since we visited Thailand.) Since we were in Utah I knew I really wanted to try to meet up with Anantachai. I knew he was working at a Thai restaurant and us Pursley girls love Thai food, so I messaged him and told him we would be in town and would love to eat at his restaurant. We set up a time and we were so excited to see him! Anantachai’s restaurant was delicious. If you are in Utah definitely go eat at Thai Drift in Orem!!! We also were able to visit with Anantachai for a bit which was so great! I know Chris was sad to miss that and I hope we get to see Anantachai again soon!!!

The next day Beth was done with training, but she had a friend that she wanted to meet up with so again we went our separate ways. ┬áMy mom, the kids, and I decided to drive up to the Alta ski resort area and we went on a small hike above the ski resort. It was really pretty out and we had a blast! On the way up to the hike we noticed that the Ski resort also had an alpine slide there. We decided after the hike that we needed to this alpine slide too. (The kids loved them that much.) This Alpine Slide was a blast as well and the kids loved these ones just as much as the other ones. We didn’t get to race this time, but I don’t think the kids touched the breaks again! We had such a great time!

The next morning we woke up and went our separate ways. Beth came with me and my mom went to Cedar City to see my Oma and Opa (my mom’s parents) and her brother Jim and his family. Its always so hard saying bye to my momma, but I am so glad that we decided to drive to Utah to play together!!!!

It was such a blast driving home with Beth!!! She is such a great road trip buddy. (even if she complains that I picked the music…but I think the driver should get to chose!) Just outside of Boise we were able to meet up with some friends. I met up with another girl I went to China with (a different group from the one Cami was in). I hadn’t seen Sharon since February of 2009! She was so sweet and had lunch ready for us at her house. Our kids loved playing with her kids and it made me wish we lived even closer! Her and her husband like some of the same hobbies Chris and I enjoy and it would be fun adventuring with them! I hope that we can hang out with Sharon and her family sometime soon!

Beth met up with a girl that she got to be friends with through a facebook group. They talk a lot over facebook, but it was their first time meeting. She was such a sweet girl and it was fun that they got to meet in person! Stopping in Idaho was a great time to stretch our legs and get our wiggles out, and prepare us for the rest of our drive home!

We originally talked about maybe sleeping in Idaho, and finishing our drive the next day, but me and Beth are adventurous, crazy girls, so we thought why stop when you can drive? And we drove on!!! We made it back to Seattle early Sunday morning!

Utah was such a blast! Road tripping with my sister was a blast! I am so glad we went!!!





































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