Aunt B is Back!

Sares Head-.75 miles there and back. 150 elevation gain

Pass-none     Difficulty-1/5     Rating-5/5

After our Utah road trip Beth was able to drive back with me and the kids and spend a few days with us in Seattle! She was leaving for Thailand August 17, so this would be her last hurrah in Seattle with us for a while! I was very happy my parents let her come with me even though she would have about 6 days to get ready for Thailand after she got back!

Driving to Utah alone was a lot better/easier than I thought. But I was SOOOO happy to have the company and extra set of hands on the long drive back. It was a blast to have her to visit with, jam out with, and have her hand things to kids while I was driving. She’s a great road trip buddy and the 12+ hour drive flew by!

We got back to Seattle early Sunday morning. That afternoon we went and toured an Aircraft Carrier in Interbay. We did this last year with Ashley. I liked last years better, it was less structured and we could just walk around and see what we wanted to look at. That format is way easier with kids! This year they did tours, so getting in took longer. The kids didn’t really want to sit and listen to a tour so we bailed and just walked around. (Although if we didn’t have kids the tour probably would have been awesome!) The kids liked looking at guns and the helicopters. I always enjoy touring these Aircraft Carriers since my grandpa was in the Navy and was stationed on aircraft carriers.

Monday we spent doing chores and putting our trip away. We did take some time to go to the Asian Market in Lynnwood (H Mart). There is a food court in this particular Asian market so we picked up some lunch to go so we could eat at home while kids had quiet time. It was fun to shop in the Asian market and it brought back good memories of my time in China! We even got a picture with Beth in front of the Thai flag! The food was good. We got sushi and some other Chinese food. The sushi was awesome, the Chinese food was disappointing in my opinion, but it looked good!

Tuesday…I’m not sure what we did since we didn’t take pictures. I’m sure we just hung out and ran some errands, boring stuff, but it was fun to do it with my sister!

Wednesday we went hiking! We went to a spot we took the McBrides to last time they were here. Its a hike that is about 1 1/2 miles that is pretty easy. We hiked in the forest and came out on a bluff overlooking the ocean! Its a really pretty hike that I love! This is a hike we will for sure take most visitors to. The downside was there was a lot of smoke from forest fires in Canada so the view was very lacking! Despite the smoke we decided we would drive up Mt. Erie to see the overlook. The views were still pretty, but not nearly as great as they are on a clear day. I think its still one of my favorite views in Washington and its just an easy drive and wheelchair and stroller accessible, so EVERYONE can see it!

Thursday we ran more errands and got Beth some hair color and that afternoon we put color in our hair. I did lavender and Beth did teal. It was basically just wash out color, but it was fun to have for a few days! We even put a little pink in Lillian’s hair so it was fun all around!

Friday morning we woke up and took Beth to the airport. It was a bummer to see her go, especially knowing we couldn’t see her for at least 4 months while she was in Thailand!!! But like always I am so happy to have had time with her!















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