We have a Kindergartner and a Ballerina in the Family!

Ryan has officially started Kindergarten! I can’t believe he is old enough to go! We were able to meet his teacher twice before he started. We met her when we found out who his teacher would be (Mrs. Salmon!) and we met her one on one before school starts. The school district started school on September 6, but kindergarten didn’t start until September 11. On September 6, 7, and 8 the kindergarten teachers do a one on one meeting with the parents and the new student. At this meeting the teachers are able to get to know the new kindergartner better and easier before school starts. We loved the opportunity to meet Mrs. Salmon and have her meet Ryan! She is so sweet and the perfect person you want teaching your first child in kindergarten!

On September 11, Ryan’s first day of school, they do half day for kindergarten only. Half the class goes in the morning and half the class goes in the afternoon that way its less overwhelming for the new students. I loved this as well! Dropping Ryan off at kindergarten felt just like dropping him off at preschool. Mrs. Salmon let us all come in and see where our kids were sitting and take some pictures. Ryan seemed so calm and confident it was easy saying goodbye! In the Library they had tea, Coffee, water, and treats set out for the parents of kindergartners. (They call this tea and tissues.) It was really sweet and made leaving him even easier.

I thought the next day might be harder to leave him, but he was so excited to go back that it wasn’t bad! He has been loving kindergarten and is adjusting well. Half way through his second week he did ask why he had to go every day…

I’m so proud of him!

Lillian was also able to start Pre-K. She is loving her class and her teachers and wasn’t nervous at all to start back up. She was really excited to meet new friends and a new teacher! She also is starting dance class! Shes always loved dancing around the house and she looks quite good doing it that we thought it was time to put her in class. She is loving it so far! It is a bit challenging for her (she is learning to do a somersault out of the splits and getting into the splits and then somersaulting from there is challenging, but its fun seeing her work towards goals and get excited when she accomplishes them!)

Both kids are growing up and its fun to see!

















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