October 2017

October was a great month for us! Not only only did we have a great trip to Mexico and Arizona, but we did a lot of fun things in the Pacific Northwest! The day after we got home from Mexico it was Ryan’s and my birthday! I gave Ryan the option of going to school or staying home (we didn’t get home until early Tuesday morning and if they needed to sleep in I wanted them to be able to…plus they’d already missed like 7 days so what’s one more?) Ryan loves school and was excited to go on his birthday so he decided to go to school. Since we had been gone for about two weeks I didn’t even bring any treats into his class for his special day so I felt lame. Luckily it was another kid’s birthday and their mom brought in some oatmeal cookies and they let Ryan and the other birthday kid get cookies first. So another mom was taking care of my boy on his special day! His teacher was great as well and made his day special! That night I didn’t want to cook dinner since it was my birthday too, so we went out to Macaroni Grill! It worked out great because Mondays and Tuesdays kids eat free and we got free dessertS for our birthday (yes Ryan and I each got a free one!) It was a lot of fun going out with just our family!

The following week Ryan went on a field trip to a pumpkin patch (The Farm at Swan’s Trail) and had a great time! We had been to that pumpkin patch last year and we knew we wanted to go as a family again, but as soon as Ryan went with school he was really, really excited to go back as a family so we did! The weather last year was pretty warm and sunny and the forecast was supposed to be pretty warm this time too! I wasn’t super prepared and I just brought a light sweater, but we got there and it was super overcast and a bit chilly! Luckily the longer we were there, the sunnier and warmer it got! The kids had a great time in the hay bale maze and sliding down the slide. It wasn’t nearly as crowded this year so the kids got to go as many times as they wanted! They also loved going down the huge slides and swinging on some swings. They loved jumping on the bouncy blob things just like last year. We rode a hay ride to the entrance of the corn maze and the kids were so excited to do it this year. They did great last year, but they did even better this year. Ryan wanted to go on specific routes (The maze is shaped like Washington with the paths being roads in Washington, really cool!) We did great and we came out right where we wanted to! They were also able to ride the tractor train two times in a row since it wasn’t super crowded this year! It ended up being a perfect day at the pumpkin patch!

We wanted to paint pumpkins, instead of carving them, like we did last year. The kids even wanted to paint their pumpkins exactly how they did last year as well. This year I painted the base by myself (last year that’s what they did) and the next morning when I got up they had finished the pumpkins! We had another Pikachu, another Haunter, and a pokeball (All pokemon themed) and Lillian did a unicorn again! I was proud of how well they did!!!

After the pumpkin patch Ryan was starting to get a nasty cold and sounded terrible. It lasted for a few days, then Lillian got it, that lasted a few days, then Chris got, then I got it. Sadly Lillian was feeling terrible on Halloween. She was laying on the couch before we left for trick or treating and had decided to just stay home. Last minute she changed her mind and decided to go. She did pretty good trick or treating, but none of us were feeling great and we didn’t last long. I swear the last bit of October and most of November someone in the family was pretty sick!

October is a great month here in the Pacific Northwest. There are sunny days, there are rainy days, the leaves are beautiful on the trees and on the ground. The weather isn’t hot or cold, just beautiful! This October was an especially good one!








































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