Gingerbread Houses and Dance Recitals

The Kindergarten at Ryan’s school has a cool tradition of having a gingerbread house making party. On the evening of December 6 we were able to go to Ryan’s classroom and make gingerbread houses with his teacher and classmates. I signed up to bring a few things, and every family had to bring their own frosting. (Smart because my kids were probably eating as much frosting as they were putting on their houses.) It was fun to spend more time with Mrs. Salmon and his other classmates!

On December 10, Lillian had her first dance recital! She has been working so hard at dance and did so good  memorizing and practicing her dance routine! The day of the performance she was getting pretty nervous about it and said she was afraid she would disappoint me. I promised her she wouldn’t disappoint me and I was proud of her for trying!  Once we got there she seemed to be doing a bit better and she was fine when I dropped her off backstage. She said bye, but didn’t even look back. Lillian’s class was one of the last to perform and when she came out she looked sad and nervous. Poor girl wasn’t able to do any of her moves and she just stood there and cried quietly. It broke my hear to see her and I just wanted to go down and get her. After her dance was over she went backstage and I was so worried about her.

When I picked her up after it was all over she seemed to be doing ok. No tears and she seemed happy enough. She said she was just too nervous, which I totally get, and she was afraid we would be disappointed. Everyone was sure to tell her how good and brave she was and she even got some flowers from us! I guess when she was backstage they thought she was in an older class so they started to do her make up for that, until her teacher realized what was going on. I think that kind of threw her off. She had never done anything like this before and its hard. I am so proud of her for standing on stage for her whole performance even though she was clearly nervous! We’ll play it by ear on if we do another performance, but she still loves dance!


I’m glad we have had a great start December to help get us even more excited for this Christmas season!








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