Padilla Bay

Padilla Bay-

Pass-none, parking limited                   Difficutly-1/5                       Rating-2.5/5


Since we are gearing up to jump in with both feet on our house remodel, AND we had a nice weather, we decided to go on a hike to Padilla Bay. This little hike has been on my radar for awhile now, but we’ve always done other hikes instead. This hike is a little over an hour away, but for me the drive is a big part of the fun! According to WTA ( Washington Trails Association) the hike is about 4.4 miles there and back with elevation of 30 feet, and boy do you feel those 30 feet. (Just kidding, it feels completely flat!) This hike is SUPER easy. This hike is a good one to just do a partial distance on as well, since there is really no destination, and its not a loop. Since there is no real destination its nice to go on a leisurely stroll enjoying nature!

I will admit this hike wasn’t what either Chris or I envisioned. It felt like walking along the dirt cotton farm roads along the irrigation ditches in Arizona (where we grew up). Instead of irrigation ditches, it was the Skagit River going into the Sound.  If you haven’t been the the Skagit Valley area, you are in for a treat. This valley is stunning. surrounded by mountains, farmlands, and the sound. it really is breathtaking! This area is where I’ve also seen the most Bald Eagles in the PNW!

What we loved about this hike: Its really an easy hike. The trails is more like a dirt road, plenty of room for other hikers and bikers. When we were there, there was a family pulling their kids in a wagon. I think strollers would be good here, but keep in mind it is like a dirt road. It probably is not wheel chair friendly, but hey maybe it could work.  We also loved that our kids could run and enjoy themselves. (No roots out to trip them, or hills I thought they would fall down.) There were benches along the way and good views of the sound! Coming at different tidal times would be way cool to see as well!

What we didn’t like: Mostly, I think it wasn’t what we expected. I’m not too sure what we expected, but it definitely isn’t through the woods. The parking was crowded, and there were a lot of people, but at the same time the trail…dirt road…wasn’t overly crowded.  It was also a little colder and more windy than we anticipated, which certainly isn’t the hikes fault, but it was a con!

Would we come back? Maybe? We would maybe bring company here, depending on the company!

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