Beth 4.0

Is this really Beth’s 4 visit? One of the perks of having your sister 10 years younger than you, and the baby of the family, she gets to come and visit a lot before she starts her real adult life! Once the siblings get married, they just don’t come and visit as much. (Ahem to all you married siblings!) Its nice that she’s been able to visit so much. Now when she comes we can kick back and relax instead of playing tourist. We can hit up the things that she loves most in Seattle, but for the most part we just get to be together!

We were able to go downtown and eat at the sandwich place that we love. (Alaskan Sourdough Co.) although, I feel like the sandwiches weren’t as good. But still worth it? We also rode the Wings over Washington. I really love that ride.

Whenever Beth comes she babysits for us some as well so Chris and I can get out. A lot of times she comes around our anniversary so the timing is great for us! This time she also babysat for us so we could make Home Depot runs for our home remodel. Shes a gem.

Something new to this visit was we got a Wii U for Ryan so there may have been some major Mario Kart races. Ryan loved racing Aunt B, and we may have also played way too much while kids were sleeping.  Another big bonus is Aunt B taught Lillian how to do a cartwheel! Aunt B also came with us when we ordered our new cabinets for our kitchen remodel! We were busy!

I always love having my sister visit!


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