Mimi spends Spring Break (WooHoo) With Us

Last year my mom had a busy year and wasn’t able to come to Seattle much. (She finally made it in December.) But this year, we were all hoping she’d make it out more! My mom had some extra time off and the kids and I were getting antsy to do something fun. We talked about maybe flying to AZ for a visit (over Spring Break), but my mom was  kind enough to offer to come see us instead. (One plane ticket versus 3 plane tickets!) She was able to take off work during their Spring Break so we could play a lot! (April 17-April 24).

We had great weather her whole visit, so we were really able to do A LOT!

Part of the reason she wanted to come during the spring was to go to the tulip fields in Skagit Valley! We had a great time driving over to the fields, about an hour away. I love the Skagit Valley and what a beautiful place it is! We had a really good time walking around the tulips fields. They still amaze me! After the fields we went on a little drive and went to one of my all time favorite hikes. Sare’s Head hike at Sharpe park. Its the perfect hike and sums up the PNW wonderfully! (Drive through Skagit Valley to get there from Seattle, hiking through the woods, lookout over bluffs of the sound.) After we worked up an appetite we went to one of favorite burger places, Nutty’s Junkyard.  (We found it on our Watson Lakes backpacking trip last summer.) My mom loved Nutty’s just as much as we did, and I was so glad we were able to eat there. The whole day was actually pretty perfect! (Just missing Chris and my Dad!) This trip we also saw over ten Bald Eagles which was really awesome!

The next day we went on another small hike to North Creek Park and Boardwalk. This is another favorite hike of mine, that I love going on with the kids, when Chris can’t come with us.  The first time I went, I knew it would be a place I’d love to bring company. Its so easy and pretty unique. The kids love listening for birds/bird watching. They also love running on this one and I feel like they can have a little more freedom on this hike. They also had a blast playing on the playground after our hike.

Later that day we took Mimi to Kruckeburg Botanical Garden here in Shoreline.  Such a magical little space that is near our home. It was so nice spending so much time outside the past few days! I feel like most of the winter/spring we were cooped up inside due to weather/house remodel stuff. It was so nice to be out, hiking, and playing! I think my mom really enjoyed it as well!

The next day we went to Imagine, a Children’s museum in Everett. We had a great time there, and we were both impressed with it. The kids also LOVED it! We could have stayed all day, but it was a bit crowded for my liking, so we stayed for a few hours. We were able to see all the exhibits, and the kids were able to do everything they wanted. The water room and the playground on the roof were definitely the highlights for the kids! Its definitely a place we’ll be back to.

We also went to a new to us park in Edmonds (Hickman Park) for the kids to run around. There is the most beautiful tree there that the kids (and Mimi) loved climbing on!

The next day we spent some time downtown, going to Chris’ building, getting Sandwiches, and again riding Wings over Washington. (I have a problem).

The next day, the kids were back in school, so we did the only natural thing to do while you don’t have kids…we got a massage, and it was heavenly!

Before my mom flew out we had a few hours while Ryan was at school that we didn’t want to waste, so we took Lillian to the Marina Park in Edmonds. Another one of our favorites! There was a bald Eagle hanging out on the beach and that was really fun to see so up close! After the park we took my mom back to the airport.

We had a blast with my mom and we were so happy that she came to spend Spring Break with us.







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