Mimi and Papa Deliver our new Truck.

Since we aren’t living in our home right now (due to the remodel) we decided we finally needed to get another car. Since I couldn’t just walk the kids to school anymore, and Chris was working on the house until late at night, it just wasn’t feasible to share the car anymore.  We were trying to figure out if we should get a cheaper car, or get a truck. I was leaning more towards the truck, because of the house remodel. I was talking to my parents about it, and my mom so willingly sold us my dad’s truck. Luckily my dad is always open to selling a car, and I know if he really didn’t want to sell the truck he wouldn’t have, but luckily he was more than willing to sell us his truck! I do think this is the first vehicle my mom has sold though! They were even great and offered to drive it up to us. We decided we wanted the truck and less than a week we had it. My parents are the best! (I will also add that they had my aunt and uncle drive up to California with them, my dad bought a new truck and my aunt and uncle drove it home for them. So no worries, my dad was never without a truck!)

My parents came at a perfect time for me. I was feeling very overwhelmed and sometimes it just nice to have your parents around! Plus one of the biggest stresses was only one vehicle. Win Win. Even though my parents came to deliver the truck, they stuck around for a few days and we were able to do some fun things with them!

We went downtown and spent time at Chris’ building. We bought sandwiches before hand and ate at his work, enjoying the views. After we ate we decided to go on the Underground Tour. It was different than I thought it would be, but it was still really interesting and fun to learn more about the history of Seattle. Seattle really is the coolest city. The kids even enjoyed the tour and it was fun to spend the afternoon walking around downtown Seattle. We still had a few hours of sunlight left so we decided to stop by the Ballard Locks. My mom has been a few times with us before, but my dad had never been. Every time I’ve been there before I always thought how much my dad would like it there. (My dad has been to Seattle before, a few trips before we moved, but the only time hes been since we moved up was when he moved us up. I was really looking forward to having my dad see the city again!) It really was fun!

The next day we decided to drive out to Snoqualmie Falls. Its another place I love going, and taking company. I’ve taken my mom to the falls before, but before we were able to hike down, it started raining and my Lillian started throwing a huge fit and we decided we would just walk around the top of the falls. Ever since then, my mom has wanted to hike down to the bottom and this was a perfect chance. On the drive to the falls we stopped for Rainier Cherries. My favorite! After the falls we went to Interbay for fish and Chips at Little Chinooks.

The next day my parents had to fly home. One way flights were super cheap through Allegiant, which is in Bellingham so we took the scenic route and took the ferry to Whidbey Island and drove up to Deception Pass. We left plenty of time for us to be able to hike around Deception Pass and hang out at the beach for a bit before their flight. It was the perfect ending to their trip! It was so nice having them to entertain us while we were in the thick of the remodel, living in a different house, and trying to juggle it all. And having another car is heaven!!!! Oh and thanks Mom and Dad!

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