We’re HOME!!!!

After being out of our house for about 2 months (hotel #1, hotel #2, rental house, back to hotel #1) we are back!!!!

While we were gone we completely gutted our bathroom, we demoed the kids’ bedrooms, we put up a beam in between those bedrooms so we could combine them to turn them into the master. We replaced our main water line to the city. We replaced all the plumbing and electrical in our house. We added TWO new back doors (french doors in the dining room, and a sliding door in the master.) refinished our wood flooring, we redid some drywall,  we painted the walls, ceilings, and fireplace.  We took out all the old doors (except for the front door, we’re keeping that). And we replaced all the windows.

In the two months we also hired a contractor, fired the contractor, redid the layout for the master bedroom,  hired a new contractor, and went to town! We bought our truck during this remodel, had 4 sets of visitors (a total of 11 people), we finished the school year and started summer, Lillian turned five, both kids had a stomach bug, but we survived!

We are still only living in partial portion of the house. The rest of the upstairs that is still getting worked on is taped off, and the basement is still a work in progress, but its good to be home! Right now we have access to the front living room, a small portion of the hallway, and one bedroom that we all share. The bathroom has a toilet in it right now, and we are hoping to finish the shower ASAP. (If we need it we’ll go hang out at the YMCA then shower there if we need to…like I said that is VERY temporary! To get to the bathroom we need to go around the back and in through the master bedroom. (There is still a lot of messy dry wall work being done.) Soon we’ll be able to open the hallway that is tapped off and have access to the bathroom. Also soon we’ll be able to open up the dining room and kitchen. Once those are open we’ll open up the master bedroom. (We basically need to finish drywall work, and then paint for us to open up the rest. Even though we are only partially living in the house its wonderful to be back!

Everything is turning out the way I wanted it to, and that feels like haven!




Our Rental House


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