The Tanner’s Trip to the NW

Chris’ Grandma and Grandpa Tanner were able to come and spend September in the PNW! For Christmas all the McBrides got together and gifted them plane tickets to Seattle! Grandma and Grandpa Tanner were going to split their trip with us, with Grandma’s sister Joan, and with some of their friends that live in Yakima. The plan was that they would stay weekends with us, and then during the week they’d go to Yakima, and then to Whistler, BC, Cananda. I was in charge of getting them from the airport, taking them to get their rental car, and then take them back to the airport at the end of their trip.

We loved every minute we have with the Tanner’s so we were all really looking forward for their trip! It came at pretty good timing (house wise) and helped us finish up a few things in our house that we had been meaning to get to, but kept putting off. We also finally moved into our master bedroom, so we had more space! When the Tanner’s were with us we decided that they would sleep in our room, and we would share a room with the kids. (like we had been doing the past month or so.) The arrangements worked out great! Chris was even able to hook up one of the sinks in the master bathroom, so we had THREE working sinks in our house, true luxury I tell ya!

Also when the Tanner’s were here I got a cold to end all colds. I had no voice for about a week. (I could only talk in a whisper) and I felt miserable. Sadly I passed on my cold to Grandma Tanner, (Sorry!!!) Chris also ended up with the cold, but he didn’t get it until we were supposed to leave for Mexico beginning of October.

The Tanner’s were able to watch a few of Ryan’s soccer games and were there when he lost a tooth or two! We went to Discovery Park to fly some kites the Tanner’s brought for the kids. We went downtown to see Chris’ work, and we went to Amazon Go, the grocery store without cash registers. (You sign into your amazon account, and when you put something in your bag it adds it to your cart. If you put it back, it removes it from your cart, and when you leave, it checks out your amazon cart. We all bought a few things just to see how it worked. It was pretty cool!

We also took the Tanner’s on a small hike to Boeing Creek/Shoreview Park. It was fun to do a nice little hike with them, and to watch the kids play at the park. While the Tanner’s were here Ryan learned how to ride his bike without training wheels (Soon after the Tanner’s left Lillian figured it out too.) so we took the kids’ bikes with us to the park and let them ride there.

Grandma Tanner was also here on her birthday and we were able to take her out to dinner to celebrate! The Tanner’s did a lot of fun things with Joan and Jerry, and they had a lot of fun in Yakima as well. I hope they enjoyed their trip! I just hope next time they come everyone is healthy the whole time!



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