Halloween 20-18!

This summer during the big chunk of our remodel the kids were stuck inside with not much to do. Chris was either at work or working on the house, and I was working on the house. To help entertain the kids we let them play video games or watch TV. Great parenting I know, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Anyway, Ryan got really into Zelda the Breath of the Wild. The first time he played it, it scared him and he turned it right off. I asked my brother, who recommended the game, if it was going to scare him or if it would be ok, and he thought it would be ok. I convinced Ryan to give it another try and he did, and was hooked. He worked so hard at playing, and getting better at Zelda, and he finally beat the game. It was a really big and exciting thing for him, and I’m proud at how hard he worked! Lillian actually really loved watching Ryan play Zelda (its the only video game that she likes watching him play.) They both loved the characters, thus we named our dog-for-a-month Link. For Halloween they decided that they wanted to go as Link and Zelda. We ordered their costumes, and ears, and Ryan got a lot of accessories for his birthday. (Happy 7th birthday buddy!)

They looked great in their costumes and I LOVED seeing them dressed up as Link and Princess Zelda!



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