Thanksgiving 2018

This Thanksgiving was super special because…I HAVE A KITCHEN!!!! I have counter tops, and cabinets, and a sink, and a dishwasher, and a garbage disposal, and an oven and stove, and a microwave. I was so happy and so excited! Chris took off the week of Thanksgiving to get some work done on the house. It was really nice and we got to go out some while the kids were in school too! Chris decided that he would have a chunk of time to work on the house, he would do the tile in the kitchen. That meant two days before Thanksgiving I would not be able to get into my kitchen at all. I told Chris he could do the tile right before Thanksgiving as long as I could be on it the day before Thanksgiving. He assured me that that would happen. He was true to his word and the day before Thanksgiving I had a nice tile floor, in my nice finished kitchen!

I was able to make a nice little feast for our family and I loved every minute working in my new kitchen! So much to be thankful for, but this year I am most excited for my kitchen!

My kitchen last Thanksgiving. And YES I did make the full traditional feast in this bad boy, and it wasn’t that bad. The worst part was when I opened the turkey from its bag, raw turkey juices ran down the back of my folding table and got everywhere (because it wasn’t level, and I wasn’t thinking!)

Is there anything more beautiful than a tree on fire, and a blue sky? I don’t think so! This beautiful Japanese Maple is in our backyard, and I LOVE it!

We got our family pictures back that were taken in Arizona this October

Just some crafting going on. My kids love cutting paper into little pieces and then taping it back together!

We had to scare Dad! We had a mummy in our house!

Can you spot Lillian? Shes at Zillow “working for Christmas money”. Once a year in November, the kids get to go to work with Chris. They have an engineering day where they go to engineering classes based on their ages. Both kids love it!


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