Christmas 2018

We had a great Christmas this year! (Aside from EVERYONE getting sick.) Lillian got sick first, then Ryan, then me, then Chris. It was rough, so the whole break someone was sick sometime. We didn’t want that to stop us from having a good time and getting stuff done! Chris took just over a week off from work, and he was able to spend a lot of time with us, and a lot of time working on the house. The good news is Chris was able to pass off another electrical inspection (for the basement)) and he was able to pass off the framing inspection in the basement. Chris spent a few long hours working on everything and getting everything ready! I am always amazed at what Chris is able to get done and how hard he works! Now all we have to do is drywall, flooring, painting, and fixtures and the basement will be done. Once all that is done we will need to tile two bathrooms and install showers, and toilets, and a vanity in the basement. We are SOOO Close!

Aside from being sick and working on the house, we went to two movies, we played A LOT of games, and played with our Christmas haul. We also took Chris to Wallace Swamp Creek Park and did that little hike. We also found the playground at Kenmore Elementary School! It was so nice spending time with our family and being able to sleep in while I was sick! (Have I ever mentioned how nice it is to have older kids when you are sick? They pretty much take care of themselves!) Oh we also got hooked on Home Alone (all of them) and it was so fun to see the kids LOVE these movies like Chris and I did when we were younger!

Going out to the Zillow end of year party. It was fun to dress up and leave the kids with a sitter!

Chris’ team from work

Making sugar cookies. I didn’t want to make sugar cookies the last few year since I didn’t have a kitchen, but now I do, and we did, and the kids loved it, and they were yummy!

At the annual kindergarten gingerbread house making event! Every year the kindergarten teachers host a gingerbread house making night. The kids love it and so do I!

At school Lillian learned about a lot of winter holidays. Her favorite was St. Lucia that is celebrated in Scandinavia! She made her candle crown!

We put Lillian’s hair over Ryan’s shoulders so it looked like Ryan had long hair.

Ryan has gotten into coding quite a bit. Its fun to watch work so hard!

Sick Lillian

A beautiful sunrise Lillian wanted to capture

On Dec. 23, I told Lillian to go to bed because tomorrow Santa would come…Poor girl thought that Santa was going to come that night and when she woke up Santa would have been there. Some how Ryan found that out, and told her Santa would come the next night. There were major tears as I tried to explain it all to her. I need to be more clear on what I’m saying!

At the movies watching Grinch. Chris was at the movie too, but he wasn’t seated yet.

Wallace Swamp Creek Park

Basement work that Chris did!



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