A look back at 2018 and Looking forward to 2019

This year was a weird one for us. We did a lot, and had a lot of fun, but we also had more stress than we probably have had our whole married life. The end of 2017 we were in a car wreck and Chris also was made a manager. Those two things kind of set the tone for 2018. More stress at work for Chris, and the after math of being in a scary car accident definitely added stress (And started off 2018 with only one car). New Years of 2017 we were sitting and trying to decide on an HVAC (heating and cooling) system for the house, and we had just turned in our permits for the house remodel. (Again ended the year kind of stressed, but hopeful.) The beginning of 2018 our permits were approved and we officially started work on the house!

Chris was able to get a lot of the work done on the house. The biggest project he did was redoing the electrical in the whole house, we also tore out the rest of the kitchen, completely gutted to the studs. With all the work Chris was doing on the house it was taking all his free time. I was able to help a little, but my main job was keeping the kids alive, entertained,  and out of the way.

The beginning of the year we ran out of oil for our furnace and just used our pellet stove (for heat) that Chris got me that Christmas. We decided it worked well enough that we could remove the furnace downstairs and take out the oil tank. Parts of the house were colder, but for the most part the stove worked amazingly! (Big step towards getting the house we wanted!)

I also started the year out by locking my keys in the car for the first time in my life. A few months later I would lock the keys in the car AGAIN. Happy to say that I have only ever locked my keys in the car twice, and both happened in 2018.

We were able to go on a few hikes and outings when we just needed a break from working on the house. It was fun to spend time outside and have Chris with us. I know that he especially needed those breaks!

We definitely had a lot of company come in 2018. It started with Beth coming in March, then my mom came in April, then Chris’ mom and grandma came in May. My parents came again the end of May, then I had High School friends come in June. After they left my brother and his family came. July we had no company, but in August my parents came again, then Chris’ grandparents came in September. October we went to Mexico/Arizona. November and December was just our family! (That is a total of  17 guests, plus our Arizona trip!)

After our car accident we were down to one car. We ended up moving out of our house for about two months to do our remodel and we just couldn’t get by with one car. The first week we were out of our house, and we had no car, I was really stressed. I don’t remember a time I was more stressed/overwhelmed. Things on the house were starting to come together, but it was a lot to deal with. Chris was also stressed and we just weren’t seeing much of him. My parents were nice enough to sell us their truck and drive it up. Having them come up for a few days really was the change I needed to refresh me. Having two cars again was also amazing!

Ryan also started Hi-Cap (highly capable) at school where he would go to a different school once a week for half a day. He really loved it and it was fun seeing him thrive at school. He also started soccer with a friend and that was a lot of fun having him be apart of the team. For the first half of the year Lillian was still doing dance and really enjoyed that! Lillian was finishing up preschool and was getting ready for kindergarten. It was fun seeing her grow up and make friends.

I still wanted the kids to go out on some outings, so I found some easy close by hikes for us to go on. When we had company we were able to play and explore a lot, so that was great for me and the kids. Sadly, Chris stayed behind and worked on the house. This year Chris worked, either at work or on the house. He also had a freelance job that took up the rest of the little spare time Chris had. Finally Chris decided that he couldn’t accomplish what he wanted on to accomplish as quickly as he wanted, so he had to tell them he had to step back on it and he basically just runs support on it now.

As the school year was ending Lillian and I were trying to take advantage of the last few months we’d have just the two of us while Ryan was at school. It was weird thinking that soon both my kids would be in school, and the alone time with them would be different and more intentional. I knew Lillian was ready for Kindergarten and that she would love it, so it wasn’t all bad!

Lillian turned five this year, and Ryan turned seven. Its crazy my babies are getting so old. Chris and I both turned 30. That still seems weird to me, but not in a “I’m getting old” sort of way. Chris and I married young, had kids young, so I feel like I’m growing into my stage of life.

The summer was busy with company and the remodel, and it flew by. I enjoyed the time I had with my kids. Fall started and the kids started school. They both love it and now both kids are in school all day. The days go by fast! I get a lot more done, and my house is cleaner. I also volunteer in both their classrooms and with school parties. Its fun to see them in that environment and with their friends.  They’re both good kids and good friends. They like pleasing their teachers and being good helpers. They are kind and good and that makes me happy. I’ve gotten to go on several field trips with each of them and that’s been fun. I’m glad that Chris’ job lets me stay home with the kids and be involved in their lives.

We also learned the hard way that we can’t have any pets due to allergies. We bought the sweetest little dog and because of allergies we had to give him up. All our hearts broke. Ryan most of all as he realized that his allergies wouldn’t allow him to have any pets (probably). Its hard enough giving up a dog you love, but to know that you could probably never have a dog again was rough. I’m hoping this year we can do a trip or something fun to help make up for it.

Chris also obtained more injuries in this remodel than he has in all our other remodels combined. He drilled through a finger, he split open his head, and sliced open his shin. Only one doctor visit, and one shot, but it was rough!

The kids social lives definitely grew. More playdates and birthday parties. Despite all the crazy of their lives, I think they had a lot of fun this year.

We only made it to Arizona once this year, but we were able to see all our families so that was great!

Overall, this year was one for the books. The most stressful, and overwhelming, but probably the most accomplished. I hope the kids will look back with fondness, instead of the stress that Chris and I felt! But despite the stress we had a good year. Lots of friends, lots of family, lots of adventures. We made so much progress on our house, and I love it even more than I thought I would. And best of all no car accidents!

Looking forward to 2019 is exciting. Chris keeps saying it has to be better than 2018 and for him I hope its less busy. I am hoping our house will be as done as a house can be, and that we will love it and enjoy it. I’m sure I will never take for granted all the rooms and all the toilets we will have! I’m hoping we can go on a few more trips this year as well!  Hopefully this coming year we have more company come and more memories with family and friends. But hopefully Chris can be more involved in that, and less involved in home projects.

In 2018 I had a goal to read 100 books and I surpassed that and read 104. I definitely have more book goals in 2019 and I’m dragging my kids in it with me. I want them to read 100 books this year too. (I’m sure they did in 2018, but we are keeping track this year.) They have been so good at reading themselves, and being read to this year. Hoping to keep it up.

Overall 2018 was a great year and we accomplished a lot. Hoping for a better 2019 that is equally as accomplished!

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