First Company of 2019

Porpoise Bluff-Sharpe Park

Pass-None           Difficulty 2.5/5                 Rating: 3/5


Beth came back for another visit! Beth hasn’t been for a visit in almost a year! (I think that’s a record for her!) She was browsing for flights to come see us, and found a good deal so she booked them! She flew in on a Friday and stayed until Wednesday. It was a lot of fun spending time with her! I was glad that we had some time together to hang out while kids were at school and Chris was at work as well!

She wanted the kids to be surprised that she was coming so I wasn’t allowed to tell them. I picked her up from the airport while they were at school and we made it home just in time to pick them up from the bus. The kids were surprised to see her, but were both a little shy to act excited until we were home and in private. But they were so happy that she was there!

Saturday we decided to go on a hike up at Sharpe Park. We’ve hiked the Sares Head trail lots of times in the past, but this time we took the Porpoise Bluff (?) trail. This one veered right and went down, instead of going left (straight) and up. This one went down, down, down (which means coming back up we needed to go up up up).  This hike was through the forest like the Sares Head hike is, and is really beautiful! This one comes out a lot closer to the water, but the small bluff that you come to is very small, and very close to the water. I wouldn’t really recommend this one for small kids. (I was even nervous with my five and seven year olds (who are experienced hikers). There was a couple sitting on the bluff, so we enjoyed the views just from the trail and decided to hike back up. Ryan was a bit whiny because he had taken Dramamine for the drive up. (Poor guy.) Lillian flew up the mountain on the way back though. She was definitely the leader of the pack and it didn’t seem to phase her a bit! Last year we didn’t do many hard hikes since we were busy with the house, but she didn’t miss a beat! (I will add this hike was not a hard hike, just a harder hike than we’ve done since 2017!) I couldn’t find much on this particular trail at Sharpe park, so I have to go off of my fit bit (That i forgot to check before we started so definitely not an accurate gauge.) I would say this hike was about 2 miles round trip and about 350-500 feet elevation gain. I’m not sure if we will do this trail again, but it was fun to try something new! After our hike we drove up Mt. Erie to watch the sunset from the mountain. It really was stunning out! Mt. Rainier was visible, the sky was so pretty and it reflected in the water below. Just a beautiful day!

The next day we ended up going to Ballard locks, and to Discovery park. It was a quiet day, but it was so pretty out. I’m not sure what was going on, but we had fairly warm weather and the sun was out. Not a normal combination for winters up here! Monday we got Chinese reflexology massages, went to the Asian market, got Thai food. Tuesday we went shopping and just hung out! Beth also babysat so Chris and I could go on a date, which was so fun! Wednesday was a little more shopping, then we picked up the kids from school, and took Beth back to the airport!

It was a fun trip and the kids loved having Beth here. Shes really good at playing with the kids and giving them lots of attention which they adore! We can’t wait for her to come again!


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