And Just Like That, February’s Over!

February was a weird month here! We were stuck inside most of the month thanks to the massive snow storms we kept getting, but yet the month flew by! We started the month off, out of school with snow and ended the month home with sickness (kids have colds/fevers). During the snow days we were able to play a lot with friends which the kids LOVED. Chris worked from home a lot of the month, again thanks to the snow. (Although I love having my family all together!) I about went crazy, again thanks to the snow. But we survived that. After our snow break we had midwinter break and the kids were again off of school. Since the snow was melting we were able to leave the house some and we were able to go to Chik-fil-A, we went to see the new How to Train Your Dragon in the movie theaters, and we went bowling with friends. We were able to get a ton done on the house this month! We passed inspections for framing, electrical, and drywall in the basement. Drywall is finished down there, and its primed and ready to be painted. We looked at carpet for the basement and have an idea of what we’ll be putting down there. Chris was also able to work on the master bathroom upstairs and its almost fully functioning! (Just need to grout the tile, and then hook up the toilet and shower heads. We were also able to keep up with our reading goals this month too, and Lillian can officially read!

Besides reading goals, another one of my new year’s goals was to do more family videos. (I feel like I do a decent job recording what we are doing, and also taking pictures of what we are doing, but I wanted to add videos to our memory keeping as well. Every month I am hoping to make a family movie of our month. I combined January’s and February’s together since I didn’t start until mid January…oops.  Looking back at our February really helps me appreciate all the fun we did have despite all the craziness!


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