I want to Ride my Bicycle

We are finally having nice weather again and we are taking a small break from working on the house, so we decided to take the bikes out and have the kids ride their bikes. As most of my decisions are made, around food, we decided to go ride bikes around Kent, so we could eat at one of our favorite steakhouses. (Jimmy Mac’s Roadhouse. They used to have one closer to us, but sadly it closed.) About ten minutes away from the restaurant there was a bike path near Foster Park.

There was a great bike/jogging path that we thought the kids would love riding their bikes on. Ryan did great and rode like a champ. Lillian, who is new to riding her bike, got a little freaked out by trying to ride next to a river and a fence. (Now keep in mine the river and the fence were about 30 feet apart, and the bike path was probably 3-4 feet wide.) She was nervous she would either run into fence or fall into the water. Since the fence was safer she would sort of hold on to the fence and scoot along. We’d convince her to try to ride and she would cry. Finally she tried a little bit, but was too nervous to really pedal, but at least she was trying. She also didn’t love putting her feet on the pedals so the back of her legs got scraped up by her pedals and she did not like that all. At least Ryan was able to ride and had a good time. Lillian just needs more confidence on her bike and she’ll be golden. I guess that’s what happens when you learn to ride a bike in fall, and don’t ride all winter.

What outing is completely without a little treat? After riding bikes we stopped and got the kids some ice cream and Chris went to a tile store that was nearby. Since Lillian said she didn’t have fun, she really wanted to go to a park. We decided on going to Golden Gardens park and beach and the kids had fun mostly playing at the beach, in the water and sand.

It was a good day and so nice to be outside again and enjoying the sunshine!

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