I Want to Ride my Bike

Since Ryan had so much fun riding bikes in Kent, we decided to go ride bikes again, this time in Bothell. Chris found a nice bike path near Blyth Park and away we went. This time Chris brought his bike so he could ride with Ryan. We decided it best if the boys rode their bikes together and I walked with Lillian while she rode. Lillian did much better on this bike ride, but we decided to take her bike back to the truck and we would just walk along the path and watch ducks on the river. We didn’t get very far until Chris called saying he and Ryan were on their way back and we would meet at the truck, then we’d go play at the playground for Lillian.

Lillian and I sat and waited on a bench watching ducks until the boys came back. We decided that we would put the bikes in the truck and walk to the park so Ryan could show us where he rode his bike. I was impressed with how far he went on his bike! It was nice little walk and it was good practice for the kids to learn to walk on the right hand side of the path so they wouldn’t get run over. (It was very busy.)

We made it to the park and both kids were in Heaven! The playground was really fun for the kids, they could have played on it forever. The park itself was really pretty. The playground is surrounded by a forest. Down a hill there is a slough. Its a park I would take out of town company. Fun for kids and just really pretty to sit and enjoy nature!. Chris and I decided that the kids were having too much fun playing and they’d rather play than walk back to the truck, so Chris rode his bike back and picked up the truck then came and got us. (His bike didn’t fit inside the truck and we didn’t really want to just leave it in the back of the truck while we were at the park about a mile away, so he walked his bike to the park with us.)

That coming week the kids had early releases at school. They would be getting out at 11:15 ALL week (except Wednesday, they would get out at 1:20). This was just coming off of all the snow days, and midwinter break. The weather was better and I was done being stuck in the house. We decided we would try to do something throughout the week, after school. Monday we met up with friends at a park. The kids played Legend of Zelda and it was fun to see their imaginations go wild.

Tuesday we went to one of my favorite places. North Creek Park and Boardwalk. The kids did the hike and I let them play on the playground. It was a lot of fun! We loved it so much we took Chris there again the following weekend!

Overall I think we made the most of the early releases. In fact so far I think we’ve made the most of the good weather we’ve had!

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