Icy Trails and Waterfalls

Another sunny day, another adventure. Chris picked Snoqualmie Falls for this outing. Another place we’ve been to plenty of times before. I typically really enjoy this location, and this hike so I was really looking forward to our outing. Its about 45 minutes from our house and I really enjoy the drive, so really it was sounding like the perfect day to me!

We got to the falls and we parked at the free parking. Last time we went we paid for the close parking, and before that I think it was free everywhere, or at least I had never paid before. So we had a little trek to even get to the falls. It was nice looking down at the falls. I always like to see how the falls have changed from the last time I was there. If its rushing and gushing, or if its just normal. Today was a mix of both. I’ve seen the flow a lot stronger, and a lot less as well.

I do think everyone had the same idea as us because I have never been to the falls when they were this busy. It was pretty crazy! I know it was a nice day, but I normally go on nice days and this was just crazy!

We started making the walk down to the falls, but there was still snow and ice on the path. Chris had both kids and they were pretty quick going down, but I am not the most sure footed, and I tend to slip so I was being extra cautious. It was so slick! There were a lot of people struggling. (A lot of people just flying down like it was nothing.) I was not happy. I don’t like hiking when its super slick. Luckily we finally made it past all the snow and ice and the rest of the hike down was nice. (Going back up was pretty easy as well, which I was worried about.)

The lower falls viewing area was packed and there was just not good viewing. I would say this is the worst time I’ve been. Still one of my favorite places, but with the snow and ice and the crowds it was hard to really enjoy it this particular day. I was also a little on the grouchy side so it made for a not-so-many-pictures kind of day! It was still a nice outing out with my family so we still had an amazing day!

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