Sares Head with a few new Trails

This weekend Chris was able to get some yard work done. We got about a ton of big rocks to build up our retaining wall in the front of the house so that our front yard is a little more level and less of a hill. Chris just picked up one load so he was only able to do a small portion of it. But we were able to level one hill in our yard (from digging window wells, or something.) After he was done doing that he wanted to go on a hike, I never complain when Chris wants to go out and do something, especially a hike.

Since we were getting a late start we didn’t want to waste much time trying to decide where to go, so we just decided on going to our default place, Sares Head at Sharpe Park. This is one of my favorite hikes and this day did not disappoint.

The weather was perfect, the drive out was wonderful! We got to the trail head and there wasn’t much parking, but the parking lot is small and the park is big so we weren’t too concerned with it being over crowded. We took our traditional path-Sares head to the bluffs overlooking the water. We had snacks and enjoyed the view.

On the way back Chris wanted to try another path down so we took Broom Tomb loop trail that is about half a mile. It was kind of steep going down and a little scramble-y, but we all did well and enjoyed it. There is a lot more hiking along the bluff so its more sunny, with mostly water views. Once we made it around the loop we made it back almost to the same look out as Sares head, just south of it a little bit. We sat and enjoyed this view as well.

Again we wanted to take a slightly different trail back so we hopped on the Shelley Loop trail. This trail feels a little more secluded than Sares head and it is right on the park boundary. This trail meets up with the main trail head by the little pond at the beginning of the hike.

It was a wonderful day full of hiking and we really enjoyed this route. I think we would take it again in the future! Sares head never disappoints!

After Sares head we decided to stop by Deception Pass and enjoy a little bit of time at the beach. The kids worked on skipping rocks and playing in the water and the sand. Really a perfect day!

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