Mini Golf

Chris has been looking at speakers for our media room that will be in our basement once its done. We decided to go to Best Buy to look at their selection, and for Chris to listen to a few different options. When we were at one Best Buy listening to their set up, golf was playing on one of the TVs. Ryan was enthralled by it and did not want to leave. I told him that one day we could go play mini golf. He LOVED that idea.

The next weekend, Chris was getting sick, and Lillian was getting over being sick so we didn’t want to go on a hike. We wanted to do something fun, but that was lower energy. We decided it would be a perfect time to try out mini golf. We picked a place in Tacoma so we could have a little more down time with the drive out. (And we wanted to stop and eat at our steak place on the way. (Jimmy Mac’s.)

We got to the mini golf place about 10 minutes after Lillian fell asleep in the car, but she said she was doing OK and was ready to play. We found out that the easiest course was closed, so we needed to play the medium course. It wasn’t too busy and Ryan was still SO excited. Lillian was excited too, but she wasn’t feeling the best. We started off on a few harder holes, and soon Lillian lost her desire to play. Ryan had a blast the whole time! Lillian had fun dancing around the course! Ryan never got that elusive hole in one like he wanted, but he had a great attitude the whole time!

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